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Black Water


18 May 2018

1 hr 45 min

Action, Drama

Some secrets never surface
A Deep Cover Operative Awakens to find himself imprisoned in a CIA Black Site on a Submarine.


Status: Released
Country: Canada
Language: English
Budget: $4M


Pasha Patriki


(Screenplay · Story)


Jean-Claude Van Damme (as Wheeler)
Dolph Lundgren (as Marco)
Patrick Kilpatrick (as Ferris)
John Posey (as Captain Darrows)
Jasmine Waltz (as Cassie Taylor)
Courtney B Turk (as Melissa Ballard)
Kristopher Van Varenberg (as Kagan)
Al Sapienza (as Edward Rhodes)
Lance E. Nichols (as Buchanan)
Aaron O'Connell (as Ellis)
Jean Claude Leuyer (as Guard 2)
Slim Khezri (as Guard)
Mark Sherman (as Weddle)
Aleksander Vayshelboym (as Kingsley)
Tahj Vaughans (as Sommer)
Tom Glynn (as Crewcut)
Christopher Heskey (as Team Leader)
David 'Shark' Fralick (as Guard 8)
Tandi Tugwell (as Riley)
Tom DeNucci (as Rankin)
James P. Bennett (as Guard 006)
Cathal Pendred (as Dax)
Dale Liner (as Guard 1)
Vanessa Motta (as Housekeeper)
Gary Watson (as Robust Guard)
Brett Luciana Murray (as Agent 1)
Adrian Lockett (as Engineer #1)
Ian Niles (as Reed)
Ryan D. Olson (as Guard 5)
Harry B Joachim (as Drummond)
Andy Reboul (as Engineer #2)
Cuong Alex Do (as Chief of Boat)
Eric Pettway (as Extraction Team Member)



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