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I Feel Pretty


19 Apr 2018

1 hr 51 min


Change everything Without changing anything.
A head injury causes a woman to develop an extraordinary amount of confidence and believe she's drop dead gorgeous.


Status: Released
Countries: China, USA
Language: English
Budget: $32M


Mary Viola (Producer)
Alissa Phillips (Producer)
Dominic Rustam (Producer)
McG (Producer)
Nicolas Chartier (Producer)




Amy Schumer (as Renee Bennett)
Rory Scovel (as Ethan)
Michelle Williams (as Avery LeClaire)
Emily Ratajkowski (as Mallory)
Busy Philipps (as Jane)
Aidy Bryant (as Vivian)
Tom Hopper (as Grant LeClaire)
Adrian Martinez (as Mason)
Lauren Hutton (as Lily LeClaire)
Naomi Campbell (as Helen)
Sasheer Zamata (as Tasha)
Caroline Day (as Jenn)
Anastagia Pierre Friel (as Claire)
Gia Crovatin (as Sasha)
Olivia Culpo (as Hope)
Sarah Newhouse (as Ms. Udell)
Chloe Hurst (as Greta)
Angela Davis (as Luna)
Yvette Williams (as Janelle)
Andrea Kostovick (as Bianca)
Jacqueline Giraldo (as Kim)
Kyle Grooms (as Lyle)
Paul McCallion (as Grouper Date #2)
Phil Hanley (as Grouper Date #3)
Lexie Roth (as Mom)
Sarah Fischer (as Salesgirl)
Danielle Lyons (as Fashion Designer · Party Goer)
Monib Abhat (as Beefy Dude)
Dave Attell (as Really Tan Dude)
Nikki Glaser (as Woman at LL HQ)
Dakota Lustick (as Skinny Barista)
Jeffrey Grover (as Silver Fox)
William Ambrose Kennedy (as Silver Fox's Husband)
Camille Kostek (as Hostess)
Aina Adler (as Glam Receptionist)
Rachel Feinstein (as Soulcycle Woman)
Mandy Schmieder (as Soulcycle Woman)
Kevin Kane (as Cute Guy at Pharmacy)
Benz Veal (as Cute Dude at Soulcycle)
Tony Viveiros (as Dry Cleaner)



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