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13 Apr 2018

1 hr 33 min

Fantasy, Drama, Thriller, Horror

Discover your true nature
A young woman held in captivity discovers the realities of truth and lies in the outside world.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Fritz Böhm


Lee Stobby (Executive Producer)
Charlotte Ubben (Producer)
Hardy Justice (Executive Producer)
Rab Butler (Executive Producer)
Kiri Kristin Trier (Co-Producer)
Soeren Bauermeister (Executive Producer)
Christopher S Burke (Executive Producer)
Marco Henry (Executive Producer · Line Producer)
Steven Kemler (Executive Producer)
Nic Marshall (Executive Producer)
Sven Nuri (Executive Producer)
Timothy Christian (Executive Producer)
Tomas Eskilsson (Co-Producer)
Liv Tyler (Producer)
Trudie Styler (Producer)
Michael Liebman (Associate Producer)
Celine Rattray (Producer)
Stephen Mao (Co-Producer)
Ken Hirsh (Executive Producer)
Sean Wheelan (Co-Producer)




Bel Powley (as Anna)
Liv Tyler (as Ellen Cooper)
Collin Kelly-Sordelet (as Ray Cooper)
Brad Dourif (as Daddy)
James LeGros (as Wolf Man)
Troy Ruptash (as Roger Fowler)
Charlotte Ubben (as Jen)
Aviva Winick (as Little Anna)
Arlo Mertz (as Very Little Anna)
Mike Faist (as Lawrence)
Keenan Jolliff (as Hugo)
Frank Deal (as Dr. Rooney)
Bhavesh Patel (as Doctor)
Kelly Lamor Wilson (as Teenage Girl #2)
Brian Donahue (as Hunter #2)
Julia Rusatsky (as Track Girl)
Patrick M. Walsh (as Hunter #1)
Anastasia Garvey (as Nurse #1)
Don Hewitt (as Hunter #3)
Alina Cho (as Newscaster (voice))
Stephanie Salgado (as Teenage Girl #1)
Trevor E. Dickerson (as The Wildling)
Alisa Sondak (as Girl with carriage)
Sebastian Joseph Zimmermann (as Hospital Receptionist)



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