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7 Apr 2018

1 hr 45 min


The greater the legend, the harder the fall.
After becoming the winningest coach in college football history, Joe Paterno is embroiled in Penn State's Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal, challenging his legacy and forcing him to face questions of institutional failure regarding the victims.


Status: Released
Language: English


Al Pacino (as Joe Paterno)
Riley Keough (as Sara Ganim)
Kathy Baker (as Sue Paterno)
Annie Parisse (as Mary Kay Paterno)
Greg Grunberg (as Scott Paterno)
Peter Jacobson (as David Newhouse)
Kristen Bush (as Dawn Fisher)
Darren Goldstein (as Mike McQueary)
Steve Coulter (as Tim Curley)
William Hill (as Tom Bradley)
Larry Mitchell (as Jay Paterno)
Tom Kemp (as Graham Spanier)
Patrick McDade (as Frank Noonan)
Nicholas Sadler (as Todd)
Tess Soltau (as Juliet)
John D'Leo (as Daniel)
Celia Au (as Cathy)
Jock McKissic (as Tyler)
Jamie Eddy (as Tess)
Todd Alan Crain (as Hugh)
Faith Logan (as Penn State Student)
Gage Maynard (as Penn State Student)
Sean Cullen (as Dan McGinn)



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