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Tomb Raider


5 Mar 2018

1 hr 58 min

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Her legend begins
Lara Croft, the fiercely independent daughter of a missing adventurer, must push herself beyond her limits when she finds herself on the island where her father disappeared.


Status: Released
Countries: United Kingdom, USA
Language: English
Budget: $94M


Roar Uthaug


Denis O'Sullivan (Executive Producer)
Graham King (Producer)
Patrick McCormick (Executive Producer)


(Screenplay · Story)


Alicia Vikander (as Lara Croft)
Walton Goggins (as Mathias Vogel)
Dominic West (as Lord Richard Croft)
Daniel Wu (as Lu Ren)
Kristin Scott Thomas (as Ana Miller)
Hannah John-Kamen (as Sophie)
Derek Jacobi (as Mr. Yaffe)
Antonio Aakeel (as Nitin Ahuja)
Michael Obiora (as Baxter)
Keenan Arrison (as Rocket)
Milton Schorr (as Mac)
Josef Altin (as Bruce The Boss)
Billy Postlethwaite (as Bill)
Emily Carey (as Young Lara (14 years old))
Alexandre Willaume-Jantzen (as Lieutenant)
Duncan Airlie James (as Terry)
Roger Jean Nsengiyumva (as Rog)
Sarah Sayuri Hare (as Sam)
Maisy De Freitas (as Young Lara (7 years old))
Shekhar Varma (as Mr. Ahuja)
Rekha John-Cheriyan (as Mrs. Ahuja)
Jaime Winstone (as Pamela (uncredited))
Nick Frost (as Alan (uncredited))



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