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Please Stand By

26 Jan 2018

1 hr 33 min

Comedy, Drama

Boldly go.
A young autistic woman runs away from her caregiver in an attempt to submit her manuscript to a writing competition.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Ben Lewin


Lara Alameddine (Producer)
Daniel Dubiecki (Producer)




Dakota Fanning (as Wendy)
Alice Eve (as Audrey)
Toni Collette (as Scottie)
River Alexander (as Sam)
Shawn Roe (as Derrick)
Michael Stahl-David (as Jack)
Jessica Rothe (as Julie)
Tony Revolori (as Nemo)
Lara Lihiya (as Madeline)
Robin Weigert (as Officer Doyle)
Patton Oswalt (as Officer Frank)
Dan Cordell (as Richard)
Marla Gibbs (as Rose)
Presley Haslam (as Ruby)
Madeleine Murden (as Young Audrey)
Farrah Mackenzie (as Young Wendy)
Rigo Obezo (as Bakersfield Cop)
Amy Tolsky (as Bus Passenger)
Heath McGough (as Cashier)
Edward Hong (as Cinnabon Guy)
B Z Cullins (as Male Bus Driver)
Stephanie Allynne (as Nursing Assistant)
Poppy Gagnon (as Small Child)
Ana Rey (as Ticket Agent)
Laura Innes (as Ticket Agent #1)
Matthew Cardarople (as Trivia Guy #1)
Bill Kottkamp (as Trivia Guy #2)
Matt Corboy (as TV Presenter)
William Stanford Davis (as Creed (uncredited))
Cuete Yeska (as Orderly (uncredited))
Mario Revolori (as Orderly (uncredited))
Joseph Williamson (as Police Officer (uncredited))
Beatrice Miller (as Tracy (uncredited))



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