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Mom and Dad

9 Sep 2017

1 hr 24 min

Thriller, Horror, Comedy

Sometimes they just want to kill you
A teenage girl and her little brother must survive a wild 24 hours during which a mass hysteria of unknown origins causes parents to turn violently on their own kids.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Alex Lebovici (Co-Executive Producer)
Nate Bolotin (Executive Producer)
Nick Spicer (Executive Producer)
David Gendron (Executive Producer)
Christopher Lemole (Executive Producer · Producer)
Tim Zajaros (Executive Producer · Producer)
Jere Hausfater (Executive Producer)
Wayne Marc Godfrey (Executive Producer)
Ali Jazayeri (Executive Producer)
Steve Ponce (Co-Executive Producer)
Aaron Scotti (Associate Producer)
Robert Jones (Executive Producer)
Cassian Elwes (Executive Producer)



Production Companies

Armory Films
Zeal Media


Nicolas Cage (as Brent Ryan)
Selma Blair (as Kendall Ryan)
Anne Winters (as Carly Ryan)
Zackary Arthur (as Joshua Ryan)
Robert T. Cunningham (as Damon Hall)
Olivia Crocicchia (as Riley)
Lance Henriksen (as Mel Ryan)
Marilyn Dodds Frank (as Barbara Ryan)
Samantha Lemole (as Jenna)
Joseph D. Reitman (as Homeroom Teacher)
Rachel Melvin (as Jeannie)
Brionne Davis (as Tanner)
Bobby Richards (as Dan)
Mehmet Öz (as Himself)
Grant Morrison (as Expert)
Sharon Gee (as Sun-Yi)
Edwin Lee Gibson (as Mr. Hall)
Adin Steckler (as Jin-Lisa)
Cassidy Slaughter-Mason (as Madison)
George Griffith (as Doctor)
Sheri Hawthorne Carbone (as Mrs. Winslow)
Lila Tellone (as Young Carly)
Christine Dye (as Administrator)
Lorena Diaz (as Nurse)
Rob Gough (as Police Officer)
Angela Diehl Forman (as Parent)
Angie Fenton (as Interviewer)
Michael Yurchak (as Pool Dad · Dad in Pool (uncredited))
Megan Chelf Fisher (as Coffee Shop Patron (uncredited))
Theresa Cook (as Crazed Mom (uncredited))
Charles Poole (as Parent (uncredited))
Matthew W. Allen (as Parent (uncredited))
Michelle Poole (as Parent (uncredited))
Katie Stewart (as Student · Runner (uncredited))
Bokeem Woodbine (as Parent on TV (uncredited))



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