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The Disaster Artist

30 Nov 2017

1 hr 44 min

Comedy, Drama, History

I did naaaht! Oh, hi Mark
An aspiring actor in Hollywood meets an enigmatic stranger by the name of Tommy Wiseau, the meeting leads the actor down a path nobody could have predicted; creating the worst movie ever made.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $10M


James Franco


Erin Westerman (Executive Producer)
Michael H. Weber (Executive Producer)
Scott Neustadter (Executive Producer)
Roy Lee (Executive Producer)
Richard Brener (Executive Producer)
Toby Emmerich (Executive Producer)
Kelli Konop (Executive Producer)
Evan Goldberg (Producer · Executive Producer)
James Weaver (Producer)
Steven Mnuchin (Executive Producer)
Michael Disco (Executive Producer)
Alex McAtee (Executive Producer)
John Powers Middleton (Executive Producer)
Hans C. Ritter (Executive Producer)
Bruce Wayne Gillies (Line Producer)
Nathan Kahane (Executive Producer)
Joseph Drake (Executive Producer)
James Franco (Producer)
Vince Jolivette (Producer)
Jonathan Watson (Co-Producer)
Seth Rogen (Producer)




James Franco (as Tommy Wiseau)
Dave Franco (as Greg Sestero)
Seth Rogen (as Sandy Schklair)
Alison Brie (as Amber)
Ari Graynor (as Juliette Danielle)
Josh Hutcherson (as Philip Haldiman)
Jacki Weaver (as Carolyn Minnott)
Megan Mullally (as Mrs. Sestero)
Hannibal Buress (as Bill Meurer)
Jason Mantzoukas (as Peter Anway)
Paul Scheer (as Raphael Smadja)
Sharon Stone (as Iris Burton)
Melanie Griffith (as Jean Shelton)
Zac Efron (as Dan Janjigian)
Andrew Santino (as Scott Holmes)
June Diane Raphael (as Robyn Paris)
Nathan Fielder (as Kyle Vogt)
Bryan Cranston (as Bryan Cranston (uncredited))
Judd Apatow (as Himself (uncredited))
Zach Braff (as Zach Braff (uncredited))
J.J. Abrams (as J.J. Abrams)
David DeCoteau (as David DeCoteau (uncredited))
Lizzy Caplan (as Lizzy Caplan)
Keegan-Michael Key (as Keegan Michael Key)
Adam Scott (as Adam Scott)
Danny McBride (as Danny McBride)
Dylan Minnette (as Dylan Minnette (uncredited))
Kate Upton (as Kate Upton (uncredited))
Angelyne (as Angelyne)
Kevin Smith (as Kevin Smith)
Ike Barinholtz (as Ike Barinholtz)
Bob Odenkirk (as Stanislavsky Teacher)
Brett Gelman (as Acting Teacher (uncredited))
Charlyne Yi (as Safowa Bright)
Zoey Deutch (as Bobbi)
Sugar Lyn Beard (as Actress #2)
Brian Huskey (as James)
Randall Park (as Male Actor)
Jerrod Carmichael (as Actor Friend)
Christopher Mintz-Plasse (as Sid (uncredited))
Casey Wilson (as Casting Director #2)
Jason Mitchell (as Nate (uncredited))
Greg Sestero (as Casting Agent (uncredited))
Tommy Wiseau (as Henry)
John Early (as Chris)
Eliza Coupe (as Erica Chase (uncredited))
Peter Gilroy (as Timothy)
Kelly Oxford (as Amy Von Brock)
Erin Cummings (as Female Guest (uncredited))
Ricky Mabe (as Casting Person (uncredited))
Amechi Okocha (as Mama's Boy (uncredited))
Cameron Brinkman (as Actor at Premier (uncredited))
Jenna Curtis (as William Morris Agent (uncredited))
Frederick Keeve (as Bartender (uncredited))
Kara Gibson (as Actor at Premiere (uncredited))
Steven Liu (as Waiter)
Lauren Ash (as Flower Store Clerk)
Dree Hemingway (as Female Guest #2)
Joe Mande (as Todd)
Megan Ferguson (as Jessie)
Xosha Roquemore (as Actress #3)
Kether Donohue (as Actress #6)
Jessie Ennis (as Recepcionist)



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