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Christopher Robin


2 Aug 2018

1 hr 44 min

Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Don't underestimate the value of doing nothing.
The behind the scenes story of the life of A.A. Milne and the creation of the Winnie the Pooh stories inspired by his son Christopher Robin.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $75M


Marc Forster


Renée Wolfe (Executive Producer)
Brigham Taylor (Producer)
Steve Gaub (Co-Producer)
Jeremy Johns (Executive Producer)
Kristin Burr (Producer)



Production Companies

Walt Disney Pictures


Ewan McGregor (as Christopher Robin)
Hayley Atwell (as Evelyn Robin)
Bronte Carmichael (as Madeline Robin)
Jim Cummings (as Winnie the Pooh · Tigger (voice))
Brad Garrett (as Eeyore (voice))
Sophie Okonedo (as Kanga (voice))
Nick Mohammed (as Piglet (voice))
Peter Capaldi (as Rabbit (voice))
Sara Sheen (as Roo (voice))
Mark Gatiss (as Giles Winslow)
Oliver Ford Davies (as Old Man Winslow)
Ronke Adekoluejo (as Katherine Dane)
Adrian Scarborough (as Hal Gallsworthy)
Roger Ashton-Griffiths (as Ralph Butterworth)
Ken Nwosu (as Paul Hastings)
Amanda Lawrence (as Joan MacMillan)
John Dagleish (as Matthew Leadbetter)
Orton O'Brien (as Young Christopher Robin)
Katy Carmichael (as Christopher Robin's Mother)
Tristan Sturrock (as Christopher Robin's Father)
Jasmine-Simone Charles (as Little Girl)
Paul Chahidi (as Cecil Hungerford)
Matt Gavan (as Snooty Businessman)
Gareth Mason (as Balloon Vendor)
Summer Brooks (as Balloon Holder)
Amrou Al-Kadhi (as Nemir Azizi)
Zain Falzon (as Boy in Stroller)
Rainy Milo (as Boy's Mother)
Michael Jenn (as London Train Conductor)
Souad Faress (as Wealthy Woman)
Alan Clark (as Sussex Train Attendant)
Chris Pratt (as Sussex Train Porter)
Harriet Leitch (as Tea Server)
Vera Chok (as Margaret King (Train Passenger #1))
Claire Redcliffe (as Boarding School Teacher)
Elsa Minell Solak (as Madeline 3 Years Old)
Matt Berry (as Policeman Bobby)
Simon Farnaby (as Taxi Driver)
Matthew Earley (as Truck Driver)
Mackenzie Crook (as Newspaper Seller)
Vivien Bridson (as Old Man Winslow's Secretary)
Narinder Samra (as Milkman)
Oliver Payne (as Milk Delivery Boy)
David Hartley (as Man on Bus)
Clara McGregor (as Girl in Aircraft Design Office)
Raj Ghatak (as Neel Chawla (Barrel Mover))
Bern Collaço (as Train Passenger · Man in Swimwear (uncredited))
Lee Asquith-Coe (as School Porter (uncredited))
Roy Beck (as Winslow Board Director (uncredited))
Shola Adewusi (as Rosemary Hopwood (uncredited))
Tim Ingall (as Jimmy Knowait (uncredited))



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