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The Killing of a Sacred Deer


20 Oct 2017

2 hr 2 min

Drama, Horror, Thriller, Mystery

A teenager's attempts to bring a brilliant surgeon into his dysfunctional family take an unexpected turn.


Status: Released
Countries: United Kingdom, USA, Ireland
Language: English


Andrew Lowe (Producer)
Giorgos Lanthimos (Producer)
Ed Guiney (Producer)




Nicole Kidman (as Anna Murphy)
Barry Keoghan (as Martin Lang)
Raffey Cassidy (as Kim Murphy)
Sunny Suljic (as Bob Murphy)
Bill Camp (as Matthew)
Alicia Silverstone (as Mrs. Lang)
Denise Dal Vera (as Mary Williams)
Barry G. Bernson (as Dr. Larry Banks)
Herb Caillouet (as Ed Thompson, Hospital Director)
Drew Logan (as Principal)
Michael Trester (as Elderly Man)
Ming Wang (as Doctor)
William Cross (as Conference Guest (uncredited))
Kenneth Meyer (as Medical Consultant (uncredited))
Richard Doone (as Hospital Visitor · Dinner Attendee (uncredited))
Anita Farmer Bergman (as Nurse (uncredited))
Lea Hutton Beasmore (as Conference Guest (uncredited))
Rachael McAdams (as Conference Attendance · Nurse (uncredited))
Jerry Pope (as Medical Conference Attendee (uncredited))
Megan Chelf Fisher (as Diner Patron (uncredited))
Dylan Keith Adams (as Doctor at Conference and Event Dinner (uncredited))
Michelle Poole (as Conference Guest (uncredited))
William Willet (as Open Heart Patient on Table (uncredited))
Charles Poole (as Patient · Fisherman (uncredited))
Josephine Elle (as Doctor (uncredited))
Amy Clark (as Conference Guest (uncredited))
John W. Harden (as Conference Guest · Paramedic (uncredited))
Bryant Bentley (as Paramedic (uncredited))
Nathaniel Sizemore (as Hospital Orderly (uncredited))
Shuo Chen (as Conference Guest (uncredited))
Steven Schraub (as Medical Conference Guest (uncredited))
Dori Lucas (as Conference Guest (uncredited))
George W. Ellerman (as Medical Conference Attendee (uncredited))
Aaron Pullins IV (as Medical Conference Attendee (uncredited))
Jennifer Henson (as Doctor's Wife (uncredited))
Joanne Popolin (as Medical Conference Attendee (uncredited))
Brian Lamont (as Conference Guest (uncredited))
Gary Maloney (as Medical Conference Attendee (uncredited))
Brian D. Schroeder (as Diner Patron (uncredited))
Margot Westermen (as Conference Guest (uncredited))
Michael D Overman (as Nurse · Medical Conference Attendee (uncredited))
Derek Polen (as Conference Guest (uncredited))
K.D. Richardson (as Cafeteria Visitor (uncredited))
Charles P. Chambers (as Banquet Attendee (uncredited))
Sammy Geroulis (as Medical Conference Attendee (uncredited))
Michelle Dobrozsi (as Visiting Consultant (uncredited))



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