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Only the Brave


22 Sep 2017

2 hr 13 min


It’s not what stands in front of you, it’s who stands beside you
Members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots battle deadly wildfires to save an Arizona town.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $10M


Molly Smith (Producer)
Erik Howsam (Producer)
Jon Schumacher (Co-Producer)
Trent Luckinbill (Producer)
Thad Luckinbill (Producer)
Dawn Ostroff (Producer)
Jeremy Steckler (Producer)
Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Producer)
Michael Menchel (Producer)




Josh Brolin (as Eric Marsh)
Miles Teller (as Brendan "Donut" McDonough)
Jeff Bridges (as Duane Steinbrink)
Jennifer Connelly (as Amanda Marsh)
James Badge Dale (as Jesse Steed)
Taylor Kitsch (as Christopher MacKenzie)
Andie MacDowell (as Marvel Steinbrink)
Geoff Stults (as Travis Turbyfill)
Alex Russell (as Andrew Ashcraft)
Thad Luckinbill (as Scott Norris)
Ben Hardy (as Wade Parker)
Scott Haze (as Clayton Whitted)
Jake Picking (as Anthony Rose)
Scott Foxx (as Travis Carter)
Dylan Kenin (as Robert Caldwell)
Ryan Michael Busch (as Dustin DeFord)
Kenneth Miller (as Sean Misner)
Ryan Jason Cook (as William Warneke)
Brandon Bunch (as Garret Zuppiger)
Michael L. McNulty (as Kevin Woyjeck)
Nicholas Jenks (as John Percin Jr.)
Sam Quinn (as Grant McKee)
Natalie Hall (as Natalie Johnson)
Howard Ferguson Jr. (as Brian Ferguson)
Rachel Singer (as Brendan's Mom)
Ralph Alderman (as Evaluator Hayes)
Jenny Gabrielle (as Desiree Steed)
Brytnee Ratledge (as Juliann Ashcraft)
Pell James (as Claire Caldwell)
Jade Kammerman (as Stephanie Turbyfill)
Raleigh Cain (as Nurse Nora)
Lora Martinez-Cunningham (as Dr. Ochoa)
Matt Nolan (as Medic in Helicopter)
Matthew Van Wettering (as Joe Thurston)
Forrest Fyre (as Mayor Worthington)
Josh Hopkins (as California Hot Shot Supervisor)
Nicholas Liam King (as Caden Steed)
Orion Pontes (as Cambria Steed)
Barbie Robertson (as Marsena Thurston)
Staci Robbins (as Hot Shot Mom #1)
Lauren Myers (as Nurse #1)
Michael Menchel (as Old Bald Man)
Kevin Wiggins (as Yarnell Commander)
John Trejo (as Chiricahua IC)
Travis Armstrong (as Deputy Sturgill Banks)
Austin Dennis (as Dusty)
Jermaine Washington (as Bouncer #1)
Keith Jardine (as Bouncer #2)
Andres Segura (as Male Nurse)
Casey Messer (as Local Hottie #1)
Sarah Minnich (as Local Hottie #2)
Duane Steinbrink (as Rusty Pistols #1)
Donn Pease (as Rusty Pistols #2)
Jim Dunham (as Rusty Pistols #3)
Bob Wood (as Rusty Pistols #4)



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