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Better Watch Out

22 Sep 2016

1 hr 29 min

Horror, Thriller

You might be home but you're not alone
On a quiet suburban street tucked within a 'safe neighborhood', a babysitter must defend a twelve-year-old boy from strangers breaking into the house, only to discover that this is FAR FROM a normal home invasion.


Status: Released
Countries: USA, Australia
Language: English


Matthew Jennison (Co-Producer)
Lorenzo De Maio (Executive Producer)
Steven Matusko (Executive Producer)
Brett Thornquest (Producer)
Matthew Graham (Co-Producer)
Sidonie Abbene (Producer)
Paul Jensen (Producer)
Brion Hambel (Producer)
Shane Abbess (Executive Producer)
Jacqui Fifer (Line Producer)


(Screenplay · Story)


Olivia DeJonge (as Ashley)
Levi Miller (as Luke)
Ed Oxenbould (as Garrett)
Aleks Mikic (as Ricky)
Dacre Montgomery (as Jeremy)
Patrick Warburton (as Robert Lerner)
Virginia Madsen (as Deandra Lerner)
Alexandra Matusko (as Scary Movie Girl)
Georgia Holland (as Scary Movie Girl)
Beau Andre (as The Mangler)
Michi Fifer (as Christmas Caroler)
Tara Jade Borg (as Christmas Caroler)
Tricia Mary Hennessy (as Christmas Caroler)
Mary Clearkin (as Christmas Caroler)
Hugo Monotti (as Christmas Caroler)
Brendan Clearkin (as Christmas Caroler)



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