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The Vanishing


4 Jan 2019

1 hr 48 min

Thriller, Drama, Mystery

What's left when the light goes out?
Lonnie and Brian go on the run from the Cape Town underworld, after finding a box filled with cash and a valuable wrist watch. They steal a lucky fish that they use to barter with the gangsters.


Status: Released
Countries: USA, United Kingdom
Languages: English, Norwegian


D.G. Guyer (Executive Producer)
Jason Seagraves (Producer)
Daniel Kaslow (Associate Producer)
Maurice Fadida (Producer)
Mickey Gooch Jr. (Executive Producer)
Andy Evans (Producer)
Sean Marley (Producer)
Ade Shannon (Producer)
Reg Poerscout-Edgerton (Co-Producer)
Alex Ashworth (Co-Producer)
Mark Strome (Executive Producer)
Matthew Antoun (Executive Producer)
Danielle Robinson (Executive Producer)
James Lejsek (Executive Producer)
Gerard Butler (Producer)
Celyn Jones (Executive Producer)
Alan Siegel (Producer)
Brian Oliver (Executive Producer)
Phil Hunt (Executive Producer)
Compton Ross (Executive Producer)
Tim Dennison (Line Producer)





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