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Atomic Blonde

26 Jul 2017

1 hr 55 min

Action, Mystery, Thriller

Talents can be overrated.
An undercover MI6 agent is sent to Berlin during the Cold War to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and recover a missing list of double agents.


Status: Released
Countries: Sweden, Germany, Hungary, USA
Languages: Swedish, English, German, Russian
Budget: $30M


Charlize Theron (Producer)
A.J. Dix (Producer)
Ethan Smith (Executive Producer)
Kurt Johnstad (Executive Producer)
David Minkowski (Co-Producer)
Marc Schaberg (Executive Producer)
Beth Kono (Producer)
Nick Meyer (Executive Producer)
Kelly McCormick (Producer)
Ildiko Kemeny (Co-Producer)
Eric Gitter (Producer)
Lisa Widén (Associate Producer)
Steven V. Scavelli (Executive Producer)
Jeff Morrone (Executive Producer)
David Guillod (Executive Producer)
Fredrik Zander (Executive Producer)
Antony Johnston (Co-Producer)
Joe Nozemack (Executive Producer)
Peter Schwerin (Producer)


(Comic Book)


Charlize Theron (as Lorraine Broughton)
James McAvoy (as David Percival)
Sofia Boutella (as Delphine Lasalle)
Eddie Marsan (as Spyglass)
John Goodman (as Emmett Kurzfeld)
Til Schweiger (as Watchmaker)
Bill Skarsgård (as Merkel)
James Faulkner (as Chief 'C')
Roland Møller (as Aleksander Bremovych)
Sam Hargrave (as James Gasciogne)
Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson (as Yuri Bakhtin)
Lili Gesler (as Helena)
Sara Natasa Szonda (as Audrey)
Cale Schultz (as Boris)
Barbara Sukowa (as Coroner)
Attila Árpa (as East German Guard #1)
Martin Angerbauer (as East German Guard #2)
Declan Hannigan (as Driver)
Balázs Lengyel (as Gentleman)
Daniel Hargrave (as Sniper)
Greg Rementer (as Spotter)
Daniel Bernhardt (as Soldier)



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