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The Circle


27 Apr 2017

1 hr 50 min

Drama, Thriller, Science Fiction

Knowing is good. Knowing everything is better.
A young tech worker takes a job at a powerful Internet corporation, quickly rises up the company's ranks, and soon finds herself in a perilous situation concerning privacy, surveillance and freedom. She comes to learn that her decisions and actions will determine the future of humanity.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $18M


Peter Cron (Executive Producer)
Anthony Bregman (Producer)
Laurie MacDonald (Executive Producer)
Evan Hayes (Executive Producer)
Gary Goetzman (Producer)
Sally Wilcox (Executive Producer)
Steven Shareshian (Executive Producer)
Stefanie Azpiazu (Executive Producer)
Russell Levine (Executive Producer)
Walter F. Parkes (Producer)
Tom Hanks (Producer)
Sophia Dilley (Co-Producer)
Alex Scott-Gatty (Line Producer)


(Novel · Screenplay)


Emma Watson (as Mae Holland)
Tom Hanks (as Eamon Bailey)
John Boyega (as Ty Lafitte)
Karen Gillan (as Annie Allerton)
Ellar Coltrane (as Mercer Regalado)
Patton Oswalt (as Tom Stenton)
Glenne Headly (as Bonnie Holland)
Bill Paxton (as Vinnie Holland)
Poorna Jagannathan (as Dr. Jessica Villalobos)
Nate Corddry (as Dan)
Mamoudou Athie (as Jared)
Amir Talai (as Matt)
Smith Cho (as Gina)
Ellen Wong (as Renata)
Judy Reyes (as Olivia Santos)
Elvy Yost (as Sabine)
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (as Beck Bandmate)
Joey Waronker (as Beck Bandmate)
Nick Valensi (as Beck Bandmate)
Michael Shuman (as Beck Bandmate)
Katie Costick (as Partier)
Regina Saldivar (as Partier)
Steven Klein (as Man from the Crowd)
Hunter Burke (as EMT)
Eve Gordon (as Senator Williamson)
Amie McCarthy Winn (as Marion Lefebvre)
Lauren Baldwin (as Gretchen Karapcek)
Nicola Bertram (as Fiona Highbridge)
Julian von Nagel (as Julian)
Beck (as Beck)
Nick Peine (as Person from the Crowd)
Michael Dean Russell Jr (as Laundry Worker)
Jason Sheridan (as Improv Actor)
Drew Droege (as Improv Actor)
Jimmy Wong (as Foreign Born Circler)
Sandeep Parikh (as Foreign Born Circler)
Mele Ihara (as Foreign Born Circler)
Andrew Hwang (as Foreign Born Circler)
Lizzie Prestel (as Advertising Circler)
Alana Aimaq (as Mercer Seeker)
Daniel William Jordan (as Mercer Seeker)
Melanie Steinmann (as Young Circler)
Ken Narasaki (as Older Circler)
Fred Koehler (as Kevin)
Jedediah Jenk (as Guppy (uncredited))
Claudia O'Doherty (as High Powered Circler (uncredited))
Ara Woland (as Circler (uncredited))
Brandon Van Vliet (as Circler (uncredited))
Alan Trujillo (as Circler (uncredited))
Afsheen Olyaie (as Circler (uncredited))
Abraham Lim (as Circler (uncredited))
Slim Khezri (as Circler (uncredited))
Allyson Nicole Jones (as Circler (uncredited))
Shaylin Janelle Broady (as Circler (uncredited))
Paul Edney (as Laundry Worker (uncredited))
Aseem Tiwari (as Foreign Born Circler)



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