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28 Feb 2017

1 hr 32 min

Drama, Thriller

All he had left was revenge
Based on the airline accident that occurred in July of 2002 and on the events that took place 478 days later.


Status: Released
Countries: United Kingdom, USA
Language: English
Budget: $11M


Eric Watson (Producer)
Anthony Callie (Co-Producer)
Vance Owen (Executive Producer)
Robert Jones (Executive Producer)
Stan Wertlieb (Executive Producer)
Josh Stern (Executive Producer)
Timothy C. Sullivan (Co-Producer)
Mark Stewart (Executive Producer)
Barry Brooker (Executive Producer)
George Furla (Producer)
Randall Emmett (Producer)
Ted Fox (Executive Producer)
Scott Franklin (Producer)
Arnaud Lannic (Associate Producer)
William B. Steakley (Line Producer)
Darren Aronofsky (Producer)
Corey Large (Executive Producer)
Peter Dealbert (Producer)
Wayne Marc Godfrey (Executive Producer)
Steven Saxton (Executive Producer)




Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Roman Melnyk)
Scoot McNairy (as Jacob "Jake" Bonanos)
Maggie Grace (as Christina)
Judah Nelson (as Samuel Bonanos)
Jason McCune (as Thomas Fichman)
Glenn Morshower (as Matt)
Mariana Klaveno (as Eve Sanders)
Hannah Ware (as Tessa)
Christopher Darga (as Andrew Berg)
Teri Clark (as Airline Supervisor)
Danielle Sherrick (as Nadiya)
Jeff Panzarella (as Airport Employee)
Mo McRae (as Saab)
Kevin Zegers (as John Gullick)
Lewis Pullman (as Older Samuel)
Michael Lowry (as Lawyer)
Danny Mooney (as Squirrel)
Scott A. Martin (as Gardener)
Keith Flippen (as Psychiatrist)
Brian Gallagher (as Worker #2)
Megan Leonard (as Travel Agent)
Christine Dye (as Travel Agent)
Chloe Stearns (as Marie)
Carl G. Herrick (as Detective)
Lynn Downey (as Memorial Attendee)
Trisha Simmons (as Woman)
McKenna Kerrigan (as Female Officer)
Kasey Daley (as Travel Agency Woman)
John Moon (as Airline Representative)
Nathan Hollabaugh (as Reporter #1)
Rex Alba (as Medical Personnel (uncredited))
Laura Allen (as TV News Reporter (uncredited))
Matthew W. Allen (as Memorial Guest (uncredited))
Victoria Borbridge (as Family Member (uncredited))
Brian Wolfman Black Bowman (as Prisoner (uncredited))
Reid Carpenter (as Officer Wilson (uncredited))
Theresa Cook (as Ice Cream Shop Waitress (uncredited))
Jami Cullen (as Crying Memorial Attendee (uncredited))
Kim Evans (as News Reporter (uncredited))
Logan Fry (as HAZMAT Tech · Crash Site Mourner (uncredited))
Jerry Gallagher (as Airline Pilot (uncredited))
Adam Hicks (as Police Officer (uncredited))
Bryan Kruse (as Cameraman (uncredited))
Christina Lambert (as Diner Patron (uncredited))
Joe Maurer (as Gun Shop Patron (uncredited))
Chelsea Mee (as News Reporter (uncredited))
Kenneth Meyer (as Airport Technician (uncredited))
Nicholas Palacio (as Memorial Attendee (uncredited))
Ellen Pepper (as Travel Agency Customer (uncredited))
Allison Rowe (as Memorial Family Member (uncredited))
Sarah Elizabeth Smith (as Firefighter (uncredited))
Christina Sparks (as Waiter (uncredited))
Tammy Tsai (as Olena (uncredited))
Peggy Warner (as Memorial Service Attendee (uncredited))
William Willet (as Airport Liaison (uncredited))
Walter von Huene (as Volunteer)
Joe Cappelletti (as Additional Voices (voice))
Kate Higgins (as Additional Voices (voice))
John Eric Bentley (as Additional Voices (voice))
Robin Atkin Downes (as Additional Voices (voice))



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