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23 Mar 2017

1 hr 40 min

Action, Comedy, Crime

Chip Happens
The adventures of two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers as they make their rounds on the freeways of Los Angeles.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: Spanish, English
Budget: $25M


Dax Shepard


Dax Shepard (Producer)
Ravi D. Mehta (Producer)
Andrew Panay (Producer)



Production Companies

Warner Bros.
Primate Pictures


Michael Peña (as Frank 'Ponch' Poncherello)
Dax Shepard (as Jon Baker)
Jessica McNamee (as Lindsey Taylor)
Rosa Salazar (as Ava)
Adam Brody (as Clay Allen)
Ryan Hansen (as Brian Grieves)
Maya Rudolph (as Sgt. Hernandez)
Adam Rodríguez (as Shamus)
Justin Chatwin (as Raymond Reed Kurtz Jr.)
Vincent D'Onofrio (as Ray Kurtz)
Ben Falcone (as Bicycle Cop)
Jane Kaczmarek (as Captain Jane Lindel)
Richard T. Jones (as Parish)
Jackie Tohn (as Amy Hansen)
Mara Marini (as Renee)
Vida Guerra (as Ann)
Arturo del Puerto (as Carlos)
Aly Mawji (as Dan)
Rene Moran (as Jose)
Carly Hatter (as Agent Roth)
John Duff (as Barnes)
Kelly Richardson (as Kelly)
Clay Cullen (as Smith)
Jess Rowland (as Rathbun)
Cameron Cruz (as Gale)
Jamie Bock (as Lesley)
Becky Feldman (as Tina)
Monica Padman (as Becky)
Isiah Whitlock, Jr. (as Peterson)
Mae Whitman (as Beebee)
Morgan Krantz (as Nate)
Josh Duhamel (as Rick)
Erik Estrada (as Paramedic)
Cody Banta (as Dude 1)
David Koechner (as Pat)
Caitlin Rice (as Pretty Gym Girl #1)
Megalyn Echikunwoke (as Patricia Eerly)



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