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Deadpool 2


10 May 2018

2 hr 1 min

Action, Comedy, Adventure

Prepare for the Second Coming.
Plot Unknown at this time, sequel to Deadpool (2016)


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $110M


David Leitch


Stan Lee (Executive Producer)
Lauren Shuler Donner (Producer)
Simon Kinberg (Producer)
Aditya Sood (Executive Producer)
Rhett Reese (Executive Producer)
Paul Wernick (Executive Producer)
Ryan Reynolds (Producer)




Ryan Reynolds (as Wade Wilson · Deadpool · Juggernaut · Himself)
Josh Brolin (as Cable)
Morena Baccarin (as Vanessa)
Julian Dennison (as Russell Collins · Firefist)
Zazie Beetz (as Domino)
T. J. Miller (as Jack Hammer · Weasel)
Leslie Uggams (as Blind Al)
Karan Soni (as Dopinder)
Brianna Hildebrand (as Negasonic Teenage Warhead)
Jack Kesy (as Black Tom Cassidy)
Eddie Marsan (as Headmaster)
Shiori Kutsuna (as Yukio)
Stefan Kapičić (as Colossus (voice))
Andre Tricoteux (as Colossus Stand-In)
Randal Reeder (as Buck)
Nikolai Witschl (as Head Orderly Frye)
Thayr Harris (as Sergei Valishnikov)
Rob Delaney (as Peter)
Lewis Tan (as Shatterstar)
Bill Skarsgård (as Zeitgeist)
Terry Crews (as Bedlam)
Brad Pitt (as Vanisher)
Paul Wu (as Hong Kong Boss)
Robert Maillet (as Sluggo)
Alan Tudyk (as Luke, Redneck #1)
Matt Damon (as Redneck #2 (as Dickie Greenleaf))
Hayley Sales (as Cable's Wife)
Islie Hirvonen (as Hope, Cable's Daughter)
Luke Roessler (as Cereal Kid)
Tanis Dolman (as Neighbor #2)
Hunter Dillon (as Branding Boy)
Sala Baker (as Older Russell Collins · Firefist)
Paul Wernick (as News Cameraman)
Rhett Reese (as News Helicopter Pilot)
David Leitch (as Ground Chuck Mutant)
James McAvoy (as Professor X (uncredited))
Nicholas Hoult (as Beast (uncredited))
Tye Sheridan (as Cyclops (uncredited))
Kodi Smit-McPhee (as Nightcrawler (uncredited))
Evan Peters (as Quicksilver (uncredited))
Alexandra Shipp (as Storm (uncredited))
Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine (archive footage))



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