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The Space Between Us


26 Jan 2017

2 hr 1 min

Romance, Adventure, Science Fiction, Drama

What's your favorite thing about Earth?
A young man raised by scientists on Mars returns to Earth to find his father.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for brief sensuality and language.
Awards: 1 nomination.
Budget: $30M


Peter Chelsom


Adam Fogelson (Executive Producer)
Ryan Kavanaugh (Executive Producer)
Allan Loeb (Executive Producer)
Douglas Urbanski (Executive Producer)
Zhongjun Wang (Executive Producer)
Tucker Tooley (Executive Producer)
Robbie Brenner (Executive Producer)
Oren Aviv (Executive Producer)
Kevin Halloran (Executive Producer)
Richard Barton Lewis (Producer)
Robert Simonds (Executive Producer)
Jerry Ye (Executive Producer)
Cathy Schulman (Executive Producer)
Cherilyn Hawrysh (Associate Producer)
Jeffrey Soros (Executive Producer)
Gabrielle Jerou (Co-Producer)
Donald Tang (Executive Producer)
Wang Zhonglei (Executive Producer)
Steven Pearl (Executive Producer)
Patrick Murray (Associate Producer)
Simon Horsman (Executive Producer)
Sasha Harari (Executive Producer)
John Albanis (Co-Producer)


(Story · Screenplay)


Asa Butterfield (as Gardner Elliot)
Britt Robertson (as Tulsa)
Carla Gugino (as Kendra)
BD Wong (as Genesis Director Chen)
Gary Oldman (as Nathaniel Shepherd)
Janet Montgomery (as Sarah Elliot)
Trey Tucker (as Harrison Lane)
Lora Martinez-Cunningham (as NASA Guide)
Sarah Minnich (as Reporter)
Lauren Myers (as Alice Meyers · Alice Myers)
Bernardo P. Saracino (as Dream Chaser Pilot)
Kristen Rakes (as Maid)
David House (as Roland)
Luce Rains (as Idaho)
Jenny Gabrielle (as Susanne · Havasupai Woman)
John-Paul Howard (as Student)
Mia Stallard (as Screaming Girl)
Scott Takeda (as Dr. Gary Loh)
Beth Bailey (as NASA Doctor)
Colin Egglesfield (as Sarah's Brother)
William Sterchi (as Debate Moderator)
Peter Chelsom (as Centaur (voice))
Morse Bicknell (as NASA Executive)
Stafford Douglas (as Entitled Teen)
Adande 'Swoozie' Thorne (as Scott Hubbard)
Jacob Browne (as Police Officer)
Esodie Geiger (as Ms. Tupelo)
David Devereaux (as Valet)
Aurora Antonio (as Young NASA Secretary)
Eli Goodman (as ER Doc)
Katrina Kavanaugh (as Genesis Shareholder)
Ryan Jason Cook (as Control Room Technician)
Frank Powers (as E. Marks · Security)
Drago Sumonja (as Social Services Man)
Nate Warren (as ER Clerk)
Zacciah Hanson (as Little Bewley Brother)
Jesse Romero (as Big Bewley Brother)
Tim Janis (as Chuck Woodruff)
Travis Armstrong (as Colorado State Trooper)
Gil Birmingham (as Shaman Neka)
Ramona King (as Reception Nurse)
Eb Lottimer (as Air Force Colonel)
Shad Adair (as Astronaut · Shuttle Crew (uncredited))
Nathaniel Augustson (as Alfonso (uncredited))
Danny Winn (as Dr. Cox (uncredited))
Edsel Pete (as Doctor (uncredited))
Marika Day (as Nurse (uncredited))
Gregory Paul Valdez (as East Texas Tech (uncredited))
Jamie H. Jung (as East Texas Tech (uncredited))
Shawn Lecrone (as NASA Security (uncredited))
Kelly V. Lucio (as NASA Student (uncredited))
Johnny Palomarez Jr. (as Genesis Shareholder (uncredited))
Humberto Castro (as Genesis Shareholder (uncredited))
Cesar Miramontes (as Himself (uncredited))
Alma Sisneros (as Mars Inhabitant (uncredited))
Bruce McIntosh (as NASA Scientist)
Rene Herrera (as Genesis Shareholder (uncredited))
Anthony Jarvis (as College Student)
Rick Anglada (as NASA Security (uncredited))
Brian Barela (as NASA Executive (uncredited))
Kyle Pierson (as Genesis Shareholder (uncredited))
Jon Erik Castro (as Genesis Shareholder (uncredited))
Lorraine Sanchez (as Genesis Shareholder (uncredited))
Derek Blakeney (as Shopper (uncredited))
Logan Paul (as Buff College Kid)



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