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Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates


7 Jul 2016

1 hr 38 min


They needed hot dates. They got hot messes.
Two brothers place an online ad to find dates for a wedding and the ad goes viral.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: 1 nomination.
Budget: $33M


Peter Chernin (Producer)
Nan Morales (Executive Producer)
Brendan O'Brien (Executive Producer)
Andrew J. Cohen (Executive Producer)
Jenno Topping (Producer)
David Ready (Executive Producer)
Jonathan Levine (Producer)




Zac Efron (as Dave Stangle)
Adam DeVine (as Mike Stangle)
Anna Kendrick (as Alice)
Aubrey Plaza (as Tatiana)
Sam Richardson (as Eric)
Stephen Root (as Burt)
Sugar Lyn Beard (as Jeanie Stangle)
Branscombe Richmond (as Kalani - BBQ Chef)
Marc Maron (as Randy)
Jake M. Johnson (as Ronnie)
Kumail Nanjiani (as Keanu)
Eugene Cordero (as Kai - Hotel Manager)
Mary Holland (as Becky)
Nicole Byer (as Office Nicole)
Stephanie Allynne (as Office Stephanie)
Chloe Bridges (as Apartment Chloe)
Stephanie Faracy (as Rosie)
Alice Wetterlund (as Cousin Terry)
Lavell Crawford (as Keith)
Erik Griffin (as Driver)
Jake Szymanski (as Stable Guy)
Wendy Williams (as Wendy Williams)
Kyle Smigielski (as Luke)
Andrea Miceli (as Twin Sister #1)
Nancy Miceli (as Twin Sister #2)
Christina Souza (as Call Girl)
Olga Kalashnikova (as Russian Call Girl)
Ashley Hobbs (as White Supremacist Girl)
Julia Fae (as Grungy Girl #1)
Andrea Russett (as Grungy Girl #2)
Danielle Zalopany (as Militant Girl #1)
Tabitha Humphrey (as Militant Girl #2)
Bob Turton (as Bob · Lauralie)
Jennie Pierson (as Office Jennie)
Hilty Bowen (as Café Hilty)
Tanisha Long (as Café Tanisha)
Cass Buggé (as Apartment Cass)
Ayden Mayeri (as Apartment Ayden)
Liberte Chan (as Local Newscaster)
Sandra Davis (as Sandra)
Jessika Van (as Jessika the Girl in Street)
Don Pomes (as Grandpa Stangle)
Sally Jackson (as Grandma Stangle)
Rory Hart (as Frat Dude)
Katherine Klosterman (as Anniversary Montage Girl)
Michael C. Price (as Father Mike)
Paula Fuga (as Reception Singer)
John Cruz (as Rough Rider Singer)
Henry Kapono Ka'aihue (as Rough Rider Singer)
Brother Noland (as Rough Rider Singer)



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