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The Trust


29 Apr 2016

1 hr 33 min

Crime, Thriller

Bad cops make the best criminals
A pair of cops investigating a drug invasion stumble upon a mysterious bank vault.


Status: Released
Countries: United Kingdom, USA
Language: English
Budget: $9M


Braxton Pope (Producer)
Molly Hassell (Producer)
Michael Nilon (Producer)




Nicolas Cage (as Jim Stone)
Elijah Wood (as David Waters)
Jerry Lewis (as Jim's Father)
Kevin Weisman (as Roy)
Steven Williams (as Cliff)
Sky Ferreira (as Woman)
Kenna James (as Captain Harris)
Ethan Suplee (as Detective)
Eric Heister (as Big Irish Guy)
Alexandria Lee (as Nina)
Carl Windom Carlito (as Drug Dealer (as Carl 'Carlito' J. Windom))
Lisa Mack (as Records Clerk)
Marc D. Donovan (as Video Assistant)
Erica Vanlee (as Prostitute #1)
Tommie Vegas (as Prostitute #2)
Christie Beran (as Waitress at Diner)
Jeff Manning (as Auctioneer)
Ronnie Thurmand Jr (as Police Courier)
Jeff Howard (as Mechanic)
Keston John (as Bobo)
Reagan Pfifer (as Evidence Technician)
Ashley Campbell (as Cute Evidence Technician)
Joe Palubinsky (as Supervising Officer)
Jay Hieron (as Man in Armoire)
Vanessa Christelle (as Pretty Hotel Worker)
Paul Vato (as Spanish Laundry Worker)
Xin Yi Gan (as Bakery Girl Translator)
Jiaming Zhang (as Bakery Owner)
Marcus Weiss (as German Employee)
James D. Smith Jr. (as German Machinist)
Lisa Gardner (as Handjob Girl)



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