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The Veil


21 Apr 2016

1 hr 33 min


The dead come back
The story springs from the real-world headlines of religious cults and mass suicides. With Veil, it begins 30 years ago, when members of a religious cult known as Heaven's Veil take their own lives. The truth behind what really happened remains buried deep in the memory of the sole survivor, a five-year-old girl, who returns to the compound with a documentary crew as an adult. They soon discover something that is far more terrifying than anything they could have imagined.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $4M


Phil Joanou


Ben Garant (Producer)
Jason Blum (Producer)



Production Companies

Blumhouse Productions


Jessica Alba (as Maggie Price)
Thomas Jane (as Jim Jacobs)
Lily Rabe (as Sarah Hope)
Shannon Woodward (as Jill)
Aleksa Palladino (as Karen Sweetzer)
Reid Scott (as Nick)
Lenny Jacobson (as Ed)
Meegan Warner (as Ann)
Jack DeSena (as Christian)
Stacey Turner (as Ann Sanders (Female Reporter))
Christopher Sweeney (as Blonde Man)
Ivy George (as Little Sarah)
Jim Storm (as Dan Wheeler)
Kyla Drew Simmons (as Comotose Girl (as Kyla-Drew Simmons))
Chet Grissom (as Paramedic)
Ashley Atwood (as Cult Member (uncredited))
Shayla Chanadet (as Cult Child (uncredited))
Skya Chanadet (as Cult Child (uncredited))
Feather Rae Dawn (as Cult Member (uncredited))
Sandra Rosko (as Cult Member (uncredited))



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