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31 Mar 2011

1 hr 36 min

Comedy, Action, Drama

Shut up, crime!
After his wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer, an everyday guy transforms himself into Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best intentions, though he lacks for heroic skills.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: 1 win.
Budget: $3M


James Gunn


Iris Ichishita (Producer)
Miranda Bailey (Producer)
Ted Hope (Producer)
Rainn Wilson (Executive Producer)
Matthew Leutwyler (Executive Producer)




Rainn Wilson (as Frank Darbo)
Ellen Page (as Libby)
Liv Tyler (as Sarah)
Kevin Bacon (as Jacques)
Gregg Henry (as Detective John Felkner)
Michael Rooker (as Abe)
Andre Royo (as Hamilton)
Sean Gunn (as Toby)
Stephen Blackehart (as Quill)
Don Mac (as Mr. Range)
Linda Cardellini (as Pet Store Employee)
Nathan Fillion (as The Holy Avenger)
Gerardo Davila (as Cop (as Gerardo Davilla))
Grant Goodman (as Young Frank)
Paul T. Taylor (as Frank Sr. (as Paul Taylor))
Connor Day (as Teenage Frank)
James Gunn (as Demonswill)
Mikaela Hoover (as Holly)
Nick Holmes (as Jim)
Rob Zombie (as Voice Of God)
Steve Agee (as Comic Book Store Jerk)
Laurel Whitsett (as Librarian (as Laurel Whisett))
James Lentzsch (as Passenger Teen)
Nate Rubin (as Driving Teen)
Edrick Browne (as Nathaniel)
Danny Cosmo (as Purse-snatcher)
Krystal Mayo (as Wheelchair Woman)
Russell Towery (as Chickenhawk)
Mario Jiminez Jr. (as Chicken)
Jonathan Winkler (as Transvestite)
Mollie Milligan (as Sarah's Sister)
Gerry May (as Newscaster)
Valentine Miele (as Line Butter)
Michelle Gunn (as Line Butter's Girlfriend)
Darcel White Moreno (as Waitress (as Darcel Moreno))
Greg Ingram (as Long-haired Hood)
Lindsey Soileau (as Libby's Friend)
Brandon Belknap (as Christian)
Zach Gilford (as Jerry)
Lloyd Kaufman (as 911 Man)
Tim J. Smith (as Range's Technician (as Tim Smith))
Mark Dealessandro (as Thug Jumped On By Boltie)
Cole S. McKay (as Thug Set On Fire (as Cole McKay))
Dominick LaBanca (as Thug #1)
John W. Lawson (as Thug Missing Arms)
William Katt (as Sgt. Fitzgibbon)
Christine Bently (as Stoner Girl)



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