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9 Sep 2015

2 hr 11 min

Crime, Thriller

Love, fight, live, rule like a legend.
Tom Hardy plays twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray, who have worked their way through the ranks to become powerful crimelords in London's underworld in the 1960s.


Status: Released
Countries: United Kingdom, USA, France
Language: English
Awards: 6 wins & 10 nominations.
Budget: $25M


Timmy Thompson (Executive Producer)
Chris Clark (Producer)
Tim Bevan (Producer)
Eric Fellner (Producer)
Liza Chasin (Executive Producer)
Tyler Thompson (Executive Producer)
Brian Oliver (Producer)
Buddy Patrick (Executive Producer)
Christopher Woodrow (Executive Producer)
Jane Robertson (Co-Producer)
Michael Bassick (Executive Producer)
Ron Halpern (Executive Producer)
Peter Mallouk (Executive Producer)
Ray Mallouk (Executive Producer)
Quentin Curtis (Producer)
Amelia Granger (Executive Producer)
Olivier Courson (Executive Producer)
Kate Solomon (Executive Producer)
Tom Hardy (Executive Producer)




Tom Hardy (as Ronald Kray · Reginald Kray)
Emily Browning (as Frances Shea)
Christopher Eccleston (as Leonard 'Nipper' Read)
David Thewlis (as Leslie Payne)
Taron Egerton (as Mad Teddy Smith)
Chazz Palminteri (as Angelo Bruno)
Colin Morgan (as Frank Shea)
Paul Bettany (as Charlie Richardson)
Tara Fitzgerald (as Elsie Shea)
Aneurin Barnard (as David Bailey)
Paul Anderson (as Albert Donoghue)
Nicholas Farrell (as Dr Humphries)
Duffy (as Timi Yuro)
Kevin McNally (as Harold Wilson)
John Sessions (as Lord Boothby)
Sam Spruell (as Jack 'The Hat' McVitie)
Millie Brady (as Joan Collins)
Charley Palmer Rothwell (as Leslie Holt)
Bob Cryer (as Charles Kray Snr)
Samantha Pearl (as Shirley Bassey)
Martin McCreadie (as Eddie Richardson)
Jane Wood (as Violet Kray)
Mel Raido (as Ian Barrie)
Adam Fogerty (as Pat Connolly)
Lorraine Stanley (as Blind Beggar Barmaid)
Shane Attwooll (as George Cornell)
Stephen Lord (as Fuller)
Tim Woodward (as Superintendent Cummings)
Chris Mason (as Ronnie Hart)
Frankie Fitzgerald (as Jack Dickson)
Sam Hoare (as Stefan De Faye)
Joshua Hill (as Constable Scott)
Major Johnson Finley (as The Double R Club Singer)
Christopher Adamson (as Philip Testa)
Lara Cazalet (as Mrs Payne)
Nick Hendrix (as Hew McCowan)
Ashley Byam (as John)
John Sears (as Father Foster)
Robin Hooper (as Prison Doctor (uncredited))



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