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Bone Tomahawk

23 Oct 2015

2 hr 12 min

Horror, Western, Adventure, Drama

May the Lord have mercy and grant you a swift death
Four men set out in the Wild West to rescue a group of captives from cannibalistic cave dwellers.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: 8 wins & 20 nominations.
Budget: $2M


Wayne Marc Godfrey (Executive Producer)
Amanda Mortimer (Co-Producer)
Jack Heller (Producer)
Robert Jones (Executive Producer)
Scott Fort (Executive Producer)
Dallas Sonnier (Producer)
Jon D. Wagner (Line Producer · Executive Producer)
Gregory Zuk (Co-Producer)
David Gilbery (Executive Producer)
Joseph Gabay (Associate Producer)




Kurt Russell (as Sheriff Franklin Hunt)
Patrick Wilson (as Arthur O'Dwyer)
Matthew Fox (as John Brooder)
Richard Jenkins (as Chicory)
Lili Simmons (as Samantha O'Dwyer)
Evan Jonigkeit (as Nick)
David Arquette (as Purvis)
Fred Melamed (as Clarence)
Sid Haig (as Buddy)
Maestro Harrell (as Gizzard)
James Tolkan (as Pianist)
Kathryn Morris (as Lorna Hunt)
Zahn McClarnon (as The Professor)
Michael Emery (as Redheaded Fellow)
Jeremy Tardy (as Buford)
Michael Paré (as Mr. Wallington)
Sean Young (as Mrs. Porter)
Jamison Newlander (as The Mayor)
Erick Chavarria (as Ramiro)
Omar Leyva (as Guapo)
David Midthunder (as Misshapen Troglodyte)
Raw Leiba (as Wolf Skull)
Geno Segers (as Boar Tusks)
Alex Meraz (as Eagle Skulls)
Robert Allen Mukes (as Sentinel)
Brandon Molale (as Noseless Troglodyte)
Eddie Spears (as Serrated Tomahawk)
Jay Tavare (as Sharp Teeth)



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