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Last Knights


3 Apr 2015

1 hr 55 min

Action, Adventure

When an evil emperor executes their leader, his band of knights - bound by duty and honor - embarks on a journey of vengeance that will not come to an end until they've destroyed their mortal foe.


Status: Released
Countries: South Korea, United Kingdom
Language: English


Kevan Van Thompson (Producer)
Jay Stern (Executive Producer)
Stan Wertlieb (Executive Producer)
Nick Thurlow (Producer)
Gary Hamilton (Executive Producer)
Ryan S. Black (Co-Executive Producer)
Barry Brooker (Executive Producer)
Jim Thompson (Executive Producer)
Andrew Mann (Executive Producer)
Luci Y. Kim (Producer)
Michelle Chubarov McIntosh (Producer)
Vaclav Mottl (Line Producer)
Chip Diggins (Executive Producer)
Kate Hong (Executive Producer)
Russell Levine (Executive Producer)




Clive Owen (as Raiden)
Morgan Freeman (as Bartok)
Aksel Hennie (as Gezza Mott)
Shohreh Aghdashloo (as Maria)
James Babson (as Fat Jim)
Giorgio Caputo (as Slim Tully)
Cliff Curtis (as Lt. Cortez)
Tsuyoshi Ihara (as Ito)
Klára Issová (as Lt. Cortez's Wife)
Ahn Sung-Ki (as Auguste)
Anna Linhartová (as Amy)
Park Si-yeon (as Hannah)
Peyman Moaadi (as Emperor)
Noah Silver (as Gabriel)
Ayelet Zurer (as Naomi)
Michael Lombardi (as Josiah)
Daniel Adegboyega (as Rodrigo)
Dave Legeno (as Olaf)
Robert Russell (as First Counsel)
Lee Ingleby (as Messenger)
Pavel Kříž (as Doctor)
Brian Caspe (as Spy #1)
Booda (as Merchant)
Leo Stransky (as Bandit Leader)
Rod Grover (as Slum Lord)
Radek Bruna (as Rodrigo's Man)
Zdenek Dvoracek (as Raiden's Man · Olaf's Man)
Jan Loukota (as Rodrigo's Man)
Miroslav Navrátil (as Raiden's · Olaf's Man)
Pavel Novotny (as Raiden's · Olaf's Man)
Pavel Vokoun (as Goon)
Pavel Bezdek (as Goon (uncredited))



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