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Love Birds

24 Feb 2011

1 hr 43 min

Comedy, Romance

When it comes to love, sometimes all you need is a little duck.
Love Birds is a hilarious charming romantic comedy that tells the story of a regular Kiwi bloke who finds himself on a quest to find true love – all with the help of a native New Zealand Shelduck. Comedian Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords, The Boat That Rocked) plays Doug – a road working employee and massive fan of the legendary band Queen, along with Golden-Globe Award winning actress Sally Hawkins (Made In Dagenham) who plays Holly the sassy animal specialist.


Status: Released
Country: New Zealand
Language: English
Awards: 5 nominations.




Rhys Darby (as Doug)
Sally Hawkins (as Holly)
Bryan Brown (as Dr. Buster)



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