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HyperGalaxy: Planet of Destruction


30 Jun 2015

38 min

Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

Can they save the universe from the ION missile?
A community of kids thet are way more advanced in technology than adults have secret bases and labs underground all over the world. But secrecy will not last long. They are detecting intereference from a planet called Futon. They feel threatened, so they send their two best kids, Ralph (Zach Emrich) and Arnold(Silas Emrich) to disable whatever is causing the interference and the reaserch that had enabled the adults on the base at Futon to get on their secret freciencies. But, it is worse than they can imagine. The adults have developed an ion missile that has enough power to destroy tbe sun twice over! In a balance between survival and destroying the ion missile, Arnold and Ralph have many close calls making for an amazingly intense storyline.


Status: In Production
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $1,000


Stephen Emrich (Producer)
Robert Emrich (Co-Producer)


Stephen Emrich (as Stanley)
Zach Emrich (as Ralph Cane)
Silas Emrich (as Arnold Henry)


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