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Inruyu Myeongmang Bogoseo

11 Apr 2012

1 hr 53 min

Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Foreign

The First Chapter of The Anthology Film- In A Brave New World, a mysterious virus brings the city to ruins and zombies flood the streets of Seoul. The Chapter 2, The Heavenly Creature, a robot reaches enlightenment on its own while working at a temple. Its creators regard this phenomenon as a threat to mankind and decide to terminate the robot. The Last Chapter- Happy Birthday, a little girl logs into a strange website and puts in an order for a new pool ball for her billiards-obsessed father. Soon an unidentified meteor heads toward Earth and all human beings flee to underground bomb shelters.


Status: Released
Also known as: Doomsday Book
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Awards: 2 wins & 3 nominations.


Koh Joon-Hee (as Kim Yoo-mi)
Ryoo Seung-Bum (as Yoon Seok-woo)
Park Hae-Il (as In-Myung)
Kim Kang-Woo (as Robot repairman Park Do-won)
DooNa Bae (as Min-seo (Older))
Bong Joon-ho (as Joon-ho, lee)
Jin Ji-hee (as Min-seo)
John D. Kim (as Former NASA Researcher)
Ma Dong-Seok (as High School Zombie)
Song Sae-Byok (as Min-Seo's uncle)
GyuRi Kim (as Bodhisattva Hye-joo)
Jo Yoon-hee (as Ji-eun)
Jung Woo (as Joong-dong)



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