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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


23 Mar 2016

2 hr 31 min

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Justice or revenge
The plot has not been disclosed at this time.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: 1 win & 7 nominations.
Budget: $250M


Zack Snyder


Emma Thomas (Executive Producer)
Gregory Wilson (Co-Producer)
Christopher Nolan (Executive Producer)
Charles Roven (Producer)
David S. Goyer (Executive Producer)
Geoff Johns (Executive Producer)
Wesley Coller (Executive Producer)
Michael Uslan (Executive Producer)
Benjamin Melniker (Executive Producer)
Deborah Snyder (Producer)
Curt Kanemoto (Co-Producer)
Bruce Moriarty (Associate Producer)




Ben Affleck (as Bruce Wayne · Batman)
Henry Cavill (as Clark Kent · Superman)
Amy Adams (as Lois Lane)
Jesse Eisenberg (as Lex Luthor)
Diane Lane (as Martha Kent)
Laurence Fishburne (as Perry White)
Jeremy Irons (as Alfred Pennyworth)
Holly Hunter (as Senator Finch)
Gal Gadot (as Diana Prince · Wonder Woman)
Scoot McNairy (as Wallace Keefe)
Callan Mulvey (as Anatoli Knyazev)
Tao Okamoto (as Mercy Graves)
Brandon Spink (as Young Bruce Wayne)
Lauren Cohan (as Martha Wayne)
Hugh Maguire (as Jack O'Dwyer)
Michael Cassidy (as Jimmy Olsen)
Dan Amboyer (as Drone Pilot)
Rebecca Buller (as Jenny Jurwich)
Harry Lennix (as Swanwick)
Christina Wren (as Major Ferris)
Jade Chynoweth (as Carmen)
Vikram Gandhi (as Himself)
Andrew Sullivan (as Himself)
Charlie Rose (as Himself)
Chad Krowchuk (as Glen Woodburn)
Neil deGrasse Tyson (as Himself)
Jon Stewart (as Himself)
Ezra Miller (as Barry Allen · The Flash)
Soledad O'Brien (as Herself)
Dana Bash (as Herself)
Carla Gugino (as Kelor (voice))
Kevin Costner (as Jonathan Kent)
Nancy Grace (as Herself)
Jason Momoa (as Arthur Curry · Aquaman)
Joe Morton (as Silas Stone)
Ray Fisher (as Victor Stone · Cyborg)
Anderson Cooper (as Himself)
Patrick Wilson (as POTUS)
Joseph Cranford (as Pete Ross)
Emily Peterson (as Lana Lang)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan (as Thomas Wayne)
Sammi Rotibi (as General Amajagh)



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