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X-Men: Apocalypse


18 May 2016

2 hr 24 min

Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Only the strong will survive
One of the most powerful super villains, Apocalypse emerges and threatens to destroy the planet and its up to the X-men to stop him, with help from some of their old foes.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: 13 nominations.
Budget: $178M


Bryan Singer


Todd Hallowell (Executive Producer)
John Ottman (Co-Producer)
Josh McLaglen (Executive Producer)
Lauren Shuler Donner (Producer)
Simon Kinberg (Producer)
Bryan Singer (Executive Producer)




James McAvoy (as Charles Xavier · Professor X)
Michael Fassbender (as Erik Lehnsherr · Magneto)
Jennifer Lawrence (as Raven Darkholme · Mystique)
Oscar Isaac (as En Sabah Nur · Apocalypse)
Nicholas Hoult (as Hank McCoy · Beast)
Rose Byrne (as Moira MacTaggert)
Tye Sheridan (as Scott Summers · Cyclops)
Sophie Turner (as Jean Grey · Phoenix)
Evan Peters (as Peter Maximoff · Quicksilver)
Olivia Munn (as Betsy Braddock · Psylocke)
Alexandra Shipp (as Ororo Munroe · Storm)
Kodi Smit-McPhee (as Kurt Wagner · Nightcrawler)
Lucas Till (as Alex Summers · Havok)
Ben Hardy (as Warren Worthington III · Angel)
Josh Helman (as Col. William Stryker)
Lana Condor (as Jubilation Lee · Jubilee)
Hugh Jackman (as Logan · Wolverine)
Stan Lee (as Stan Lee)
Monique Ganderton (as Horseman - Death)
Rochelle Okoye (as Horseman - Famine)
Tómas Lemarquis (as Caliban)
Anthony Konechny (as School Jock)
Joe Cobden (as Air Force Official)
Joanne Boland (as Mrs. Summers)
Zehra Leverman (as Ms. Maximoff)
Hesham Hammoud (as Conspirator Guard #1)
Vlademir Alexis (as Payless Shoe Salesperson)
Jason Deline (as Pentagon Tech)
Fraser Aitcheson (as Horseman - War)
Warren Scherer (as Horseman - Pestilence)
Ally Sheedy (as Scott's Teacher)
Emma Elle Paterson (as School Cheerleader)
Manuel Sinor (as Fight Announcer)



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