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6 Apr 2005

2 hr 4 min

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Dirk Pitt. Adventure has a new name.
Scouring the ocean depths for treasure-laden shipwrecks is business as usual for a thrill-seeking underwater adventurer and his wisecracking buddy. But when these two cross paths with a beautiful doctor, they find themselves on the ultimate treasure hunt.


Status: Released
Countries: Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, USA
Languages: English, French, Arabic
Budget: $130M


Andrew Reif (Associate Producer)
Lis Kern (Associate Producer)
Scott Thaler (Line Producer)
Stephanie Austin (Producer)
David Barron (Co-Producer)
Thierry Potok (Co-Producer)
Henning Molfenter (Co-Producer)
Karen Elise Baldwin (Producer)
Howard Baldwin (Producer)
Gus Gustawes (Executive Producer)
Denise O'Dell (Co-Producer)
Mark Albela (Co-Producer)
William J. Immerman (Executive Producer)
Nick Morton (Co-Producer)
Vicki Dee Rock (Executive Producer)
Bill Brown (Co-Producer)
Matthew McConaughey (Executive Producer)
Mike Phillips (Co-Producer)
Mace Neufeld (Producer)




Matthew McConaughey (as Dirk Pitt)
Penélope Cruz (as Eva Rojas)
Steve Zahn (as Al Giordino)
William H. Macy (as Admiral Jim Sandecker)
Lennie James (as General Zateb Kazim)
Lambert Wilson (as Yves Massarde)
Rainn Wilson (as Rudi Gunn)
Glynn Turman (as Dr. Frank Hopper)
Clint Dyer (as Oshodi)
Delroy Lindo (as Carl)
Robert Cavanah (as Captain Tombs)
Jude Akuwudike (as Imam)
Mark Aspinall (as Lawyer)
Rakie Ayola (as Mrs. Nwokolo)
Christopher Bello (as Train Driver)
Patrick Malahide (as Ambassador Polidori)
Nicholas Beveney (as Gunboat 1 Officer)
Empotoe Bosage (as Pick Up Truck Guard)
Matthew Flynn (as 1st Lieutenant, Ironclad)
Paulin Fodouop (as Modibo)
Ouahbou Houcine (as Tuareg Village Boy #1)
Emmanuel Ighodaro (as Kazim's Officer Asselar)
Maurice Lee (as Zakara)
Daniel Njo Lobé (as Tuareg Sangare)
Francis Magee (as Fuse Cutter)
Thierno Amath Mbaye (as Pick Up Truck Driver)
Femi Ogunbanjo (as Modibo's Tuareg #2)
Eddie Osei (as Train Guard)
Nathan Osgood (as Gun Captain)
Lahcen Ouezgane (as Tuareg Village Boy #2)
Robert Paterson (as NUMA Crew Member)
Abdul Salis (as Oumar)
Tosin Sanyalo (as Azikiwe Nwokolo)
Christopher Saul (as Pilot, Ironclad)
Billy Seymour (as Powder Monkey)
Mark Springer (as Solar Plant Guard)
Celestine Vita (as Old Woman in Labbezanga)
Mark Wells (as Sailor Who Drops Gold)



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