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Nosferatu vs. Father Pipecock & Sister Funk

The bloody, gothic, erotic, neurotic vampiric love-story that couldn't stay silent.
A reimagining /regurgitation and re-dubbing of a classic silent horror flick! Shot in mind-shattering 2D (& 36DD), featuring T&A and epic voice-over ‘voom’, by Ms. Ilham Otaku & Pepe Chingadero! Original 1922 star Max Schreck plays (in newly tinted archive footage, mixed, with new) Count Orlock, a deviant, adulterous, shape-shifting Transylvanian vampire aristocrat & super creep, who is tearing Bremen, a new corn-hole & it's up to a 'brotha-in-a-collar' and a creole nun with a flamin' gun, to stop him, in this 'creature-feature' fang-fest! Co-Starring Canadian Scream Queen: Vivita, with new footage shot in tantalizing Watt-a-Rama & dubbed in Tex-O-Phonic Super-Sound


Status: Released
Country: Canada
Language: English


Vivita (Executive Producer)
Tony Watt (Executive Producer)


(Story · Screenplay)

Production Companies

Tony Watt
Slum Goddess


Max Schreck (as Count Orlock · The Nosferatu)
Vivita (as Sister Funk)
Tony Watt (as Father Pipecock)
John Migliore (as Johnny Ghoulash)
Kelly Mari (as Ariana - Bride of Orlock)
Sara Dagoda (as Fräulein Wassermann - Mistress of Orlock)



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