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Such Good People

9 May 2014

1 hr 37 min

Comedy, Mystery

A young couple discovers a secret room filled with cash while house-sitting for rich friends who die while out of the country.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Stewart Wade


Beau J. Genot (Producer)
David Avallone (Producer)
Greg Sterling (Executive Producer)
Richard C. Deason (Producer)
Ruben Ramos (Executive Producer)
David Michael Barrett (Producer)
Dena Harman (Executive Producer)
K.M. Kaze (Executive Producer)



Production Companies

Such Good Productions


Michael Urie (as Richard Nearly)
Randy Harrison (as Alex Reardon)
Scott Wolf (as Jake)
Ana Ortiz (as Detective Diane Kershman)
James Urbaniak (as Dr. Cooper Whitehead, Ph.D.)
Carrie Wiita (as Dr. Page Whitehead, Ph.D.)
Rick Overton (as Sidney Talmadge)
Tom Lenk (as Logan)
Kate Reinders (as Chloe)
Lance Bass (as Stuart Hedron)
Alec Mapa (as Rigzang Wangchuck)
Mitch Silpa (as Olivier)
Drew Droege (as Clay Hampton)
Tania Gunadi (as Priti Khadga)
Kee Chan (as Chana Dorje)
Mario Diaz (as Juan)
Adam Huss (as Officer Cross)
Jason-Shane Scott (as Johnny)
Ryan Spahn (as Fritz)
Allison Lane (as Jillian)
John Halbach (as Dallas)
Jennifer Riker (as Cricket Sumner)
Forrest Wheeler (as Little Kuenlay · Little Kuenphay)
Sabine Eickmann (as Dr. Gerta Von Vertesberg)
Jeff Marchelletta (as Ward Rodriguez-Levine)
Adam Bucci (as Officer Moore)
Panama Red (as Bethanny)
David Avallone (as Sketchy Man)
Hugo Ishida (as Little Jigme)
William Tao (as Little Jamyang)
Harry Williams Jr. (as Officer Johnson)
Ed Horwitz (as Party Guest)



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