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Death House

12 Oct 2016


The Four Horsemen are the most notorious serial killers of all time. Robert Englund's weapon of choice is fire; Gunnar Hansen has an unquenchable thirst for human flesh; Bill Moseley is a surgeon, and tends to focus on mutilation and torture; and Doug Bradley shares a bond with spiders, particularly the Brown Recluse Spider, whose poison Bradley is happy to dispense among those unfortunate enough to meet him.


Status: In Production
Country: USA
Language: English


Steven Chase (Producer)
Michael Guarnera (Executive Producer)
Michael Eisenstadt (Producer)
Rick Finkelstein (Producer)
Tony Oppedisano (Executive Producer)
Buz Wallick (Producer)




Lindsay Hartley (as Balthoria)
Adrienne Barbeau (as Narrator)
Sid Haig (as Icicle Killer)
Tony Todd (as The Farmer Asa)
Bill Moseley (as Giger)
Michael Berryman (as Crau)
Dee Wallace (as Dr. Eileen Fletcher)
Barbara Crampton (as Dr. Karen Redmane)
Vernon Wells (as Nela)
Lauren Compton (as Dr. Logan Harrison)
Kane Hodder (as Sieg)
Sean Whalen (as Satan)
Lloyd Kaufman (as Dr. Chalice)
Tony Moran (as Miguel)
Cody Longo (as Agent Jae Novak)
Tiffany Shepis (as Staff Worker)
Felissa Rose (as Dr. Angela Freeman)
Debbie Rochon (as Leatherlace)
Camille Keaton (as Kristi Boon)
Bill Oberst Jr. (as Satan Creator)
Beverly Randolph (as Staff Worker)
Maxine Wasa (as Homeless Girl)
Brinke Stevens (as Head Staffer)
Elissa Dowling (as Staff Worker)
R.A. Mihailoff (as Prison Leader)
Yan Birch (as Staff Worker)
Larry Zerner (as Shelly the Prop Man)


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