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These Final Hours

2 Aug 2013

1 hr 27 min

Drama, Thriller

It's never too late to find someone worth living for.
What would you do on the last day on Earth? With the end of the world only hours away, the self-absorbed James heads to the ultimate party-to-end-all-parties. On his way there, he saves the life of a young girl named Rose who is searching desperately for her missing father. This simple act sets James on a path to redemption.


Status: Released
Country: Australia
Language: English
Awards: 2 wins & 2 nominations.


Zak Hilditch


Liz Kearney (Producer)
Robert Connolly (Executive Producer)



Production Companies

XYZ Films
8th In Line


Nathan Phillips (as James)
Angourie Rice (as Rose)
Daniel Henshall (as Freddy)
Jessica De Gouw (as Zoe)
David Field (as Radio Man)
Sarah Snook (as Mandy's Mum)
Kathryn Beck (as Vicky)
Lynette Curran (as James' Mum)
Zaydah-lee (as James' Sister)
Nelson Aspen (as Himself)
Brodie Masini (as Party Goer)
Korum Ellis (as Party Goer #4 · James' Double)
Peter Docker (as Wild Man)
Lara Bezuidenhout (as James' Niece #3)
Justin Burford (as Party goer #2)
Adam T Perkins (as Desperate Dad)
David Partridge (as James' Brother-in-law)
Aron Dyer (as Brawling Man #1)
Lauren Thomas (as Kissing Teenager)
Alison Van Reelen (as Rose's Mum)
Brendan Johansen (as Kissing Partygoer)
Michael McCall (as Machette Victim)
Troy Coward (as Russian Roulette winner)
Ben Sutton (as Dad in Library)
Matt Lovkis (as Dead Man)
Kingsley Judd (as Scruffy Man #2)
Lauren Cleary (as Dead Girl on Beach)
Leanne Curran (as Party Goer #1)
Ken Backshall (as Bystander)
Talei Howell-Price (as Mum in Library)
Josephine Hirst (as Girl in library)
Benj Daddario (as Rose's Dad)
Samantha Harper (as Party Goer #3)
Paul Montague (as Scruffy Man #1)
Phil Bennett (as Taxi Driver)
Keiko Kalaitzis (as James' Niece #1)
Brendan Kalin (as Desperate Son)
Flynn Lockwood (as Boy in Library)
Loukia Clemeno (as James' Niece #2)
Emily Crew (as Running Woman)
Steve McCall (as Russian Roulette Loser)
Neil Stewart (as Brawling Man #2)
Caleb Helm (as Dead Child on Road)
Ryan Knight (as Desperate Dad)
Wendy Burns (as Religious Woman)



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