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El niño

29 Aug 2014

2 hr 16 min

Action, Drama, Thriller

The story stars two teenagers on the one side, El Niño and El Compi, who want to enter the world of drug trafficking, and two police officers on the other, Jesús and Eva, who have been trying to eradicate the drug trafficking network for years. A small-time trafficker working in the Gibraltar Straits.


Status: Released
Also known as: The Boy
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Awards: 11 wins & 35 nominations.


Jorge Tuca (Associate Producer)
Edmon Roch (Producer)
Franck Ribière (Co-Producer)
Olivier Courson (Associate Producer)
Ghislain Barrois (Producer)
Álvaro Augustín (Producer)
Javier Ugarte (Producer)
Vérane Frédiani (Co-Producer)
Victoria Borrás (Executive Producer)
Jordi Gasull (Executive Producer)
Emma Lustres (Executive Producer)
Antonio P. Pérez (Associate Producer)
Harold van Lier (Associate Producer)
Jaime Ortiz de Artiñano (Associate Producer)
Borja Pena (Producer)




Luis Tosar (as Jesús)
Jesús Castro (as El Niño)
Eduard Fernández (as Sergio)
Sergi López (as Vicente)
Bárbara Lennie (as Eva)
Jesús Carroza (as El Compi)
Saed Chatiby (as Halil)
Moussa Maaskri (as Rachid)
Mariam Bachir (as Amina)
Ian McShane (as El Inglés)
Mario de la Rosa (as Agente G.A.R.)
Ales Furundarena (as Magistrado)
Luka Peroš (as Murat)
José Manuel Poga (as Mario)
Somaya Taoufiki (as Amiga de Amina)



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