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Ziarno prawdy

9 Jan 2015


A big shot prosecutor Teodor Szacki divorces his wife and leaves Warsaw to “start a new life” in picturesque town in south­east Poland ­ Sandomierz. After a short while he is called in to investigate a strange and mysterious murder case. Alienated in provincial reality he struggles to find a killer, when he stumbles upon more victims. While the investigation continues he realizes that all murders are connected to alleged historical Jewish ritual killings. Those murders prompt a wave of anti­Semitic hysteria in the town. In his investigation Szacki must wrestle with the painful tangle of Polish­Jewish relations and real findings of his work ­ that roots of some legends arefantasy, not a grain of truth…


Status: Released
Also known as: A Grain of truth
Country: Poland
Language: Polish


Philip Lenkowsky
Robert Więckiewicz (as Teodor Szacki)
Zohar Shtrauss (as Rabbi Zygmunt)
Aleksandra Hamkało (as Klara)
Iwona Bielska (as Maria Miszczyk)
Krzysztof Pieczyński (as Grzegorz Budnik)
Jerzy Trela (as Leon Wilczur)
Tadeusz Bradecki
Arkadiusz Jakubik (as Janek Wiewiorski)
Lech Dyblik (as Gasiorowski)
Piotr Głowacki (as Frantic)
Magdalena Walach (as Barbara Sobieraj)
Danuta Borsuk (as Clerk)
Maria Mamona (as Rojska)
Magdalena Czerwińska


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