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Little Boy


23 Apr 2015

1 hr 46 min

Comedy, Drama, War

Believe the impossible.
A young American boy tries to bring his father back from World War II.


Status: Released
Countries: Mexico, USA
Language: English
Budget: $20M


Roma Downey (Executive Producer)
Eduardo Verástegui (Executive Producer)
Ricardo Del Río (Co-Executive Producer)
Alejandro Gomez Monteverde (Producer)
Kallan Kagan (Executive Producer)
Mark Burnett (Executive Producer)



Production Companies

Metanoia Films
Santa Fé Films


Jakob Salvati (as Pepper Flynt Busbee · Little Boy)
Emily Watson (as Emma Busbee)
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (as Hashimoto)
Michael Rapaport (as James Busbee)
David Henrie (as London Busbee)
Ben Chaplin (as Ben Eagle)
Eduardo Verástegui (as Fr. Crispin)
Ted Levine (as Sam)
Ali Landry (as Ava)
Abraham Benrubi (as Teacup)
Kevin James (as Dr. Fox)
Tom Wilkinson (as Fr. Oliver)
Toby Huss (as Colonel Bob)
Kelly Greyson (as Tyra)
Candice Azzara (as Bertha)
James DuMont (as Harvey)
Sam Kindseth (as Ronnie (Bully 2))
David Ury (as Sir Pent)
James MacDonald (as Recruitment Sergeant)
Lorna Scott (as Nurse Barbara)
Lukas Behnken (as Leonard Rice)
Mary Stein (as Martha)
Masashi Odate (as Japanese Colonel)
Theodora Greece (as Eliza the Girl on Beach)
Ric Sarabia (as Mike the Gambler)
Eijiro Ozaki (as Masao Kume)
Jennifer Cadena (as Army Nurse)
Masami Kosaka (as Commander Tokyo Joe)
Scott Subiono (as Dr. Hesley)
C.K. McFarland (as Doris)
Jill Kelly (as Spider Lady)
Keisuke Akizawa (as Japanese Soldier)
Barry Ford (as The Narrator (voice))
Yoshio Iizuka (as Samurai Master)
Americus Abesamis (as Giant Tokyo Joe)
Robert Noble (as Lou the Bartender)



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