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Bad Boys for Life


15 Jan 2020

2 hr 4 min

Thriller, Action, Crime

Ride together. Die together.
In development.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: Spanish, English


James Lassiter (Executive Producer)
Mike Stenson (Executive Producer)
Chad Oman (Executive Producer)
Barry H. Waldman (Executive Producer)
Doug Belgrad (Producer)
Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer)




Will Smith (as Detective Mike Lowrey)
Martin Lawrence (as Detective Marcus Burnett)
Vanessa Hudgens (as Kelly)
Alexander Ludwig (as Dorn)
Paola Nuñez (as Rita)
Charles Melton (as Rafe)
Kate del Castillo (as Isabel)
Nicky Jam (as Zway-Lo)
Joe Pantoliano (as Captain Howard)
Theresa Randle (as Theresa Burnett)
Jacob Scipio (as Armando Armas)
Massi Furlan (as Jimmy Beyer)
Michael Bay (as Wedding MC)
DJ Khaled (as Manny the Butcher)
Derrick Gilbert (as Kid)
Jay Dubb (as Officer Harris)
Emily Towles (as Hot Miami Model)
Scott Rapp (as Detective)
Happy Anderson (as Jenkins)
Melissa Kennemore (as Major Patel Miami PD)
Jennifer Badger (as Dr. Julie Weber)
Bianca Bethune (as Megan Burnett)
Dennis Greene (as Reggie)



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