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2 Oct 2015

1 hr 40 min

Drama, Comedy

Never underestimate a man with everything to lose.
A chef assembles a crew together in an attempt to create the best restaurant ever.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: French, English
Awards: 6 wins.
Budget: $20M


Stacey Sher (Producer)
Michael Shamberg (Executive Producer)
Erwin Stoff (Producer)
Bob Weinstein (Executive Producer)
Dylan Sellers (Executive Producer)
Kris Thykier (Executive Producer)
Harvey Weinstein (Executive Producer)
Claire Rudnick Polstein (Executive Producer)
Kristin Martini (Associate Producer)
Caroline Hewitt (Co-Producer)
Negeen Yazdi (Executive Producer)
David Glasser (Executive Producer)




Bradley Cooper (as Adam Jones)
Sienna Miller (as Helene)
Daniel Brühl (as Tony)
Omar Sy (as Michel)
Lily James (as Sara)
Alicia Vikander (as Anne Marie)
Uma Thurman (as Simone)
Emma Thompson (as Dr. Rosshilde)
Matthew Rhys (as Reece)
Sam Keeley (as David)
Chelsea Li (as Bar-Goer)
Riccardo Scamarcio (as Max)
Christopher Heskey (as Conducteur)
Henry Goodman (as Conti)
Stephen Campbell Moore (as Jack)
Lexie Benbow-Hart (as Lily)
Bo Bene (as Yana)
Elisa Lasowski (as Denitzi)
Julian Firth (as Langham Maitre'd)
John MacDonald (as French Heavy #1)
Raphael Acloque (as French Heavy #2)
Richard Rankin (as Reece Waiter)
Martin Trenaman (as Emile)
Jody Halse (as Electrician)
Erica Emm (as Julia - MP Wife)
Charlotte Hawkins (as TV Presenter)



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