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6 May 2015

2 hr

Action, Comedy, Crime

One of the guys. One of the Spies.
An American lawyer is recruited by the CIA during the Cold War to help rescue a pilot detained in the Soviet Union.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: German, English, French, Italian
Awards: Nominated for 2 Golden Globes. Another 4 wins & 20 nominations.
Budget: $65M


Paul Feig


Jessie Henderson (Producer)
Jenno Topping (Producer)
Peter Chernin (Producer)
Paul Feig (Producer)
John J. Kelly (Executive Producer)




Melissa McCarthy (as Susan Cooper)
Jude Law (as Bradley Fine)
Rose Byrne (as Raina Boyanov)
Jason Statham (as Rick Ford)
Miranda Hart (as Nancy B. Artingstall)
Bobby Cannavale (as Sergio De Luca)
Allison Janney (as Elaine Crocker)
50 Cent (as 50 Cent)
Morena Baccarin (as Karen Walker)
Raad Rawi (as Tihomir Boyanov)
Jessica Chaffin (as Sharon)
Sam Richardson (as John)
Katie Dippold (as Katherine)
Romain Apelbaum (as DC French Waiter)
Richard Brake (as Solsa Dudaev)
Steve Bannos (as Alan the Bartender)
Carlos Ponce (as Matthew Wright)
Will Yun Lee (as Timothy Cress)
Nargis Fakhri (as Lia)
Andrey Danilko (as Verka Serduchka)
Attila Árpa (as Italian Guy #1)
Bálint Adorjáni (as Italian Guy #2)
Jamie Denbo (as Casino Hostess)
Mitch Silpa (as Colin · Frederick)
Zach Woods (as Man in Purple Tie)
Björn Gustafsson (as Anton)
Ben Falcone (as American Tourist)
Paul Feig (as Drunken Guest at Paris Hotel (uncredited))
Levente Törköly (as Construction Worker #3)
Peter Linka (as Casino Bartender)
Iván Kamarás (as Club Emcee)
Lukács Bicskey (as Taxi Driver)
Peter Serafinowicz (as Aldo)
Michael McDonald (as Patrick)
Sergej Onopko (as Hristo)
Matt Devere (as Pilot)
Jaime Pacheco (as Jaime the Gardener)
Adam Ray (as Agent in Jetpack)
Attila Bardóczy (as Shopkeeper)
Julian Miller (as Nicola)
Ed Kear (as Paris Waiter)
Alessandro De Marco (as Casino Dealer)
Luca Fiorilli (as Casino Waiter)
Dimitri Andreas (as Casino Manager)
Yuri Buzzi (as Rome Waiter)
Péter Farkas (as Four Seasons Doorman)
Greta Csizmadia (as Laughing Girl #1)
Klaudia Halasi (as Laughing Girl #2)
Zalán Takács (as Cook)
Dénés Bernáth (as Construction Worker #1)
Zsolt Zágoni (as Construction Worker #2)



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