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The Martian


30 Sep 2015

2 hr 21 min

Drama, Adventure, Science Fiction

Bring Him Home
An astronaut gets stranded on Mars in an accident, and then must figure out how to stay alive long enough to get back home.


Status: Released
Countries: United Kingdom, USA
Languages: English, Chinese
Awards: Nominated for 7 Oscars. Another 34 wins & 179 nominations.
Budget: $108M


Ridley Scott


Aditya Sood (Executive Producer)
Simon Kinberg (Producer)
Mark Huffam (Producer)
Michael Schaefer (Producer)
Ridley Scott (Producer)




Matt Damon (as Mark Watney)
Jessica Chastain (as Melissa Lewis)
Kristen Wiig (as Annie Montrose)
Jeff Daniels (as Teddy Sanders)
Michael Peña (as Rick Martinez)
Sean Bean (as Mitch Henderson)
Kate Mara (as Beth Johanssen)
Sebastian Stan (as Chris Beck)
Aksel Hennie (as Alex Vogel)
Chiwetel Ejiofor (as Venkat Kapoor)
Benedict Wong (as Bruce Ng)
Mackenzie Davis (as Mindy Park)
Donald Glover (as Rich Purnell)
Nick Mohammed (as Tim Grimes)
Chen Shu (as Zhu Tao)
Eddy Ko Hung (as Guo Ming)
Enzo Cilenti (as Mike Watkins)
Jonathan Aris (as Brendan Hatch)
Gruffudd Glyn (as Jack)
Naomi Scott (as Ryoko)
Geoffrey Thomas (as U.S. President)
Yang Haiwen (as Chinese Flight Director)
Narantsogt Tsogtsaikhan (as Wen Jiang)
Brian Caspe (as Timer Controller)
Szonja Oroszlán (as Launch Control)
Mark O'Neal (as Guidance)
Karen Gagnon (as Reporter 2)
Lili Bordán (as Blair)
Nikolett Barabas (as Reporter 1)
Dilyana Bouklieva (as Police Woman)
Björn Freiberg (as Nasa Staff Member)
James Fred Harkins Jr. (as Pathfinder developer)
Sam Spruell (as NASA psychologist)
Matt Devere (as Satcon)
Mike Kelly (as Launcher Interface)
Greg De Cuir (as Capcom)
Peter Linka (as Telemetry)
Declan Hannigan (as Comms)
Peter Schueller (as NASA Break Room Worker)
Waleska Latorre (as Vincent's Secretary)
Frederik Pleitgen (as CNN Reporter)
Charlie Gardner (as Robert Lewis)
Nóra Lili Hörich (as Vogel's Wife)
Kamilla Fátyol (as Marissa Martinez)
Yang Liu (as Chinese Translator)
Richard Rifkin (as JPL Store Man)
Nicholas Wittman (as JPL White Room Worker)
Ben O'Brien (as JPL Pathfinder Team)
Scott Alexander Young (as JPL Pathfinder Team)
Jason Ryan (as JPL Pathfinder Team)
James Dougherty (as JPL Pathfinder Team)



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