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The Theory of Everything


26 Nov 2014

2 hr 3 min

Drama, Romance

His Mind Changed Our World. Her Love Changed His.
A look at the relationship between the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife.


Status: Released
Country: United Kingdom
Languages: Latin, English, French, Italian
Awards: Won 1 Oscar. Another 24 wins & 120 nominations.
Budget: $15M


Deborah Saban


David Kosse (Executive Producer)
Amelia Granger (Executive Producer)
Anthony McCarten (Producer)
Lucas Webb (Associate Producer)
Richard Hewitt (Co-Producer)
Tim Bevan (Producer)
Eric Fellner (Producer)
Liza Chasin (Executive Producer)
Lisa Bruce (Producer)



Production Companies

Working Title Films


Eddie Redmayne (as Stephen Hawking)
Felicity Jones (as Jane Hawking)
Charlie Cox (as Jonathan Hellyer Jones)
Emily Watson (as Beryl Wilde)
Simon McBurney (as Frank Hawking)
David Thewlis (as Dennis Sciama)
Maxine Peake (as Elaine Mason)
Harry Lloyd (as Brian)
Tom Prior (as Robert Hawking (Age 17))
Sophie Perry (as Lucy Hawking (Age 14))
Finlay Wright-Stephens (as Timothy Hawking (Age 8))
Alice Orr-Ewing (as Diana King)
Thomas Morrison (as Carter)
Michael Marcus (as Ellis)
Gruffudd Glyn (as Rees)
Paul Longley (as Barman - Rowing Club)
Guy Oliver-Watts (as George Wilde)
Lucy Chappell (as Mary Hawking)
Charlotte Hope (as Philippa Hawking)
Abigail Cruttenden (as Isobel Hawking)
Nicholas Gerard-Martin (as Physicist #1)
Brett Brown (as Physicist #2)
Anthony Skrimshire (as Physicist #3)
Christian McKay (as Roger Penrose)
Adam Godley (as Senior Doctor - Cambridge Hospital)
Nicola Sloane (as Bedder)
Lottie Hamilton (as Robert Hawking (New Born))
Enzo Cilenti (as Kip Thorne)
Rufus Taylor (as Robert Hawking (Age 2))
Delilah Sexton (as Lucy Hawking (New Born))
Eileen Davies (as Eileen Bond)
Simon Chandler (as John Taylor)
Georg Nikoloff (as Khalatnikov)
Oliver Payne (as Robert Hawking (Age 8))
Raffiella Chapman (as Lucy Hawking (Age 6))
Sam Houston (as Timothy Hawking (Baby))
Victoria Emslie (as Sarah (Geneva Student))
Frank Leboeuf (as Swiss Doctor)
Will Barton (as Technician)
Lucy Challenger (as Female Fan)
Nicola Victoria Buck (as Cockcroft Guest #2)
Stuart Benson (as Cockcroft Guest #3)
Andrew Bridgmont (as Cockcroft Guest #5)
Jamie Edwards (as Cockcroft Guest #4)
Jumaane Brown (as Cockcroft Guest #1)



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