Corey Burton

3 Aug 1955



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Filmography (33 titles)

(movie, 2018)
···Ralph Breaks the Internet
Genre: Family, Animation, Comedy, Adventure
Role: Actor (as Grumpy (voice))
Genre: Animation
Role: Actor (as Captain Hook)
Genre: Action, Animation, Science Fiction
Role: Actor (as Count Dooku)
(movie, 2013)
Genre: Animation
Role: Actor (as Neville)
Genre: History
Role: Actor (as Himself - Narrator)
(movie, 2010)
5.8The A-Team
Genre: Thriller, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Role: Actor (as Narrator (voice))
(movie, 2009)
···The Princess and the Frog
Genre: Romance, Family, Animation, Music
Role: Actor (as Mr. Harvey Fenner (voice))
Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation
By: Sam Liu
Role: Actor (as Captain Marvel · Solomon Grundy)
(movie, 2008)
···Batman: Gotham Knight
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure
Role: Actor (as The Scarecrow)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Science Fiction, Family
Role: Actor (as Abin Sur (voice))
(movie, 2007)
···Planet Terror
Genre: Horror, Action, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Additional Narrator (voice))
Genre: Animation, Romance, Family, Fantasy
Role: Actor (as Gus (voice))
Genre: Animation, Family
Role: Actor (as King Stefan)
(movie, 2006)
···The Amazing Screw-On Head
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Horror
Role: Actor (as President Abraham Lincoln · Demon · Professor Faust)
(movie, 2004)
···The Lion King 1½
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Role: Actor (as Grumpy (voice))
Genre: Animation, Family
Role: Actor (as Elf #4 (voice))
(movie, 2003)
···Atlantis: Milo's Return
Genre: Action, Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Family
Role: Actor (as Mole)
(movie, 2002)
···Treasure Planet
Genre: Adventure, Animation, Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Role: Actor (as Onus (voice))
Genre: Animation, Family, Fantasy, Romance
Role: Actor (as Gus)
(movie, 2002)
···Return to Never Land
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Animation, Family
Role: Actor (as Captain Hook (voice) · Wendy Darling (voice))
(movie, 2001)
···Mickey's House of Villains
Genre: Animation, Family
Role: Actor (as Captain Hook · Chernabog · Narrator · Chief O'Hara (voice))
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Role: Actor (as Ludwig Von Drake · Mad Hatter · Grumpy · Gus · Captain Hook)
(movie, 2001)
···Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Genre: Animation, Family, Adventure, Science Fiction
Role: Actor (as Gaetan 'The Mole' Moliere (voice))
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Role: Actor (as Dale (voice))
(movie, 1999)
···Toy Story 2
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Role: Actor (as Woody's Roundup Announcer (voice))
(movie, 1998)
···The Spirit of Mickey
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Role: Actor (as Prof. Ludwig von Drake)
(movie, 1996)
···The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Genre: Drama, Animation, Family
Role: Actor (as Brutish Guard (voice))
(movie, 1994)
···The Flintstones
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Family
Role: Actor (as Triple X · Green Goose)
(movie, 1992)
Genre: Animation, Family, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Role: Actor (as Prince Achmed (voice))
(movie, 1992)
Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family
Role: Actor (as Sultan)
Genre: Animation
Role: Actor (as Zipper · Dale · Snout · Mole)
Genre: Action, Animation, Science Fiction, Thriller, Family
Role: Actor (as Tomax)
(movie, 1987)
Genre: Comedy, Science Fiction
Role: Actor (as Dink (voice) (uncredited))