John Vernon

24 Feb 1932 - 1 Feb 2005


John Keith Vernon (February 24, 1932 – February 1, 2005) was a Canadian actor. He made a career in Hollywood after achieving initial television stardom in Canada.


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Filmography (34 titles)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Family
Role: Actor (as Rupert Thorne)
(movie, 2002)
···Welcome to America
Role: Actor (as Det. Golding)
(movie, 1995)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Detective Pronzini)
(movie, 1995)
···The Gnomes Great Adventure
Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family
Role: Actor (as Omar · Master Ghost)
(movie, 1994)
···Hostage for a Day
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, TV Movie
Role: Actor (as V.D. Regan)
(movie, 1994)
Genre: Comedy, Western
Role: Actor (as Slade Cantrell)
(movie, 1991)
···The Woman Who Sinned
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Lieutenant Girvetz)
(movie, 1990)
···Object of Desire
Role: Actor
(movie, 1989)
···Mob Story
Genre: Comedy
Role: Actor (as Don "Luce" Luciano)
(movie, 1988)
···I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
Genre: Action, Comedy
Role: Actor (as Mr. Big)
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction
Role: Actor (as Curtis Mooney)
(movie, 1987)
···Ernest Goes to Camp
Genre: Comedy, Family
Role: Actor (as Sherman Krader)
(movie, 1985)
···Fraternity Vacation
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Role: Actor (as Chief Ferret)
(movie, 1984)
···Savage Streets
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Principal Underwood)
Genre: Action, Drama
Role: Actor (as Vito Mastranga)
(movie, 1983)
Genre: Horror, Crime, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Jonathan Stryker)
(movie, 1982)
···Airplane II: The Sequel
Genre: Comedy
Role: Actor (as Dr. Stone)
(movie, 1980)
···Herbie Goes Bananas
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Role: Actor (as Prindle)
Genre: Comedy
Role: Actor (as Killian)
(movie, 1978)
···Animal House
Genre: Comedy
Role: Actor (as Dean Vernon Wormer)
(movie, 1977)
···Una giornata particolare
Genre: Drama, Romance, War, Foreign
Role: Actor (as Emanuele)
(movie, 1977)
···Golden Rendezvous
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Luis Carreras)
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Dr. Orrin Helgerson)
(movie, 1976)
···The Outlaw Josey Wales
Genre: Western, War
Role: Actor (as Fletcher)
(movie, 1975)
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Foreign, Mystery, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Ben Larkin)
(movie, 1974)
···Sweet Movie
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Role: Actor (as Mr. Dollars)
(movie, 1974)
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Role: Actor (as David Richardson)
(movie, 1974)
···Virginia Hill
Genre: Biography, Drama
Role: Actor (as Nick Rubanos)
(movie, 1973)
···Charley Varrick
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Maynard Boyle)
(movie, 1973)
Genre: Thriller
Role: Actor (as David Hunter · Praetorius)
(movie, 1972)
···Fear Is the Key
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Vyland)
(movie, 1971)
···Dirty Harry
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Role: Actor (as The Mayor)
(movie, 1969)
Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Rico Parra)
(movie, 1969)
···Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here
Genre: Drama, Western
Role: Actor (as George Hacker)