Jessica Lange

20 Apr 1949


Jessica Lange (born April 20, 1949 in Cloquet, Minnesota) is an American screen and stage actress. Most recently, she debuted also as a photographer.

Despite for being considered as one of the most respected actresses of her generation, she has not become part of the Hollywood mainstream scene. In contrast to her fellow Meryl Streep, Lange has continued to work with moderate commercial success outside of the spotlight, while appearing often in independent films following the millennium. In response to, the artist was in 2006 "crowned" by the international webzine PopMatters, which is known for cultural criticism that covers many aspects of popular culture, the Anti-Streep icon of modern era.

The actress may be most notable for her performance of Frances Farmer (ranked #85 on Premiere magazine's 100 Greatest Performances of All Time in 2006) in Frances, and Tootsie. Both from 1982, for which she was nominated on Oscars in two categories at the same time, becoming the first such female case since 1942. Her other significant roles featured Patsy Cline in Sweet Dreams (1985), Carly Marshall in Blue Sky (1994), Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire (1995), Irma Applewood in Normal (2003), and Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale in Grey Gardens (2009). Amongs other, she has won two Academy Awards, four Golden Globes, and lately an Emmy Award.

After three decades in front of the camera, Lange has realized her dream of being on the other side of the lens, and published in 2008 her own collection of black-and-white photographs, simply entitled 50 Photographs (powerHouse Books). Their exhibition, along with series of her films, was presented at the eldest international museum of photography and film George Eastman House, to be awarded by the first GEH Honors Award in 2009. Since 1982, Lange has lived with the Pulitzer Prize-winner, Sam Shepard.


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Filmography (38 titles)

(movie, 2014)
···The Gambler
Genre: Thriller, Crime, Drama
Role: Actor (as Roberta)
(movie, 2013)
···In Secret
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Madame Raquin)
(movie, 2012)
···The Vow
Genre: Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Rita Thornton)
(movie, 2009)
···Grey Gardens
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Big Edie)
(movie, 2007)
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Dr. Cornelia Wilbur)
(movie, 2006)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Role: Actor (as Arvilla)
(movie, 2005)
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Katherine Pierson)
(movie, 2005)
···Broken Flowers
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Role: Actor (as Carmen)
(movie, 2005)
···Don't Come Knocking
Genre: Drama, Music
Role: Actor (as Doreen)
(movie, 2003)
7.8Big Fish
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Drama
Role: Actor (as Older Sandra Bloom)
(movie, 2003)
···Masked and Anonymous
Genre: Drama, Music
Role: Actor (as Nina Veronica)
(movie, 2003)
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Irma Applewood)
(movie, 2001)
···Prozac Nation
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Mrs. Wurtzel)
(movie, 1999)
Genre: Drama, History, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Tamora)
(movie, 1998)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Martha Baring)
(movie, 1998)
···Cousin Bette
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Cousin Bette)
(movie, 1997)
···A Thousand Acres
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Ginny Cook Smith)
(movie, 1995)
···Rob Roy
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Role: Actor (as Mary MacGregor)
(movie, 1995)
···A Streetcar Named Desire
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Blanche DuBois)
(movie, 1995)
···Losing Isaiah
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Margaret Lewin)
(movie, 1994)
···Blue Sky
Genre: Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Carly Marshall)
(movie, 1992)
···Night and the City
Genre: Crime, Drama
Role: Actor (as Helen Nasseros)
(movie, 1992)
···O Pioneers!
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, TV Movie
Role: Actor (as Alexandra Bergson)
(movie, 1992)
···O Pioneers!
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Alexandra Bergson)
(movie, 1991)
···Cape Fear
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama
Role: Actor (as Leigh Bowden)
(movie, 1990)
···Men Don't Leave
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Beth Macauley)
(movie, 1989)
···Music Box
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller, Romance
Role: Actor (as Ann Talbot)
(movie, 1988)
···Everybody's All-American
Genre: Drama, Romance, Sport
Role: Actor (as Babs Rogers Grey)
(movie, 1986)
···Crimes of the Heart
Genre: Drama, Family
Role: Actor (as Meg Magrath)
(movie, 1985)
···Sweet Dreams
Genre: Biography, Drama, Music, Musical
Role: Actor (as Patsy Cline)
(movie, 1984)
···Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Maggie)
(movie, 1984)
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Jewell Ivy)
(movie, 1982)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Role: Actor (as Julie Nichols)
(movie, 1982)
Genre: Biography, Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Frances Farmer)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Cora Papadakis)
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Role: Actor (as Louise)
(movie, 1979)
···All That Jazz
Genre: Drama, Music
Role: Actor (as Angelique)
(movie, 1976)
···King Kong
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror, Science Fiction
Role: Actor (as Dwan)