Maggie Grace

21 Sep 1983


Margaret Grace Denig (born September 21, 1983, height 9" (1,75 m)), best known as Maggie Grace, is an American actress. Originally from Worthington, Ohio, she dropped out of high school to move to Los Angeles with her mother after her parents' divorce. While struggling financially, she landed her first role as the title character in the web-based video series Rachel's Room in 2001. She went on to earn a Young Artist Award nomination in 2002 with her portrayal of 15-year-old murder victim Martha Moxley in the television movie Murder in Greenwich.

In 2004, Grace was cast as Shannon Rutherford in the television series Lost, on which she was a main cast member for the first two seasons, winning a Screen Actors Guild Award shared with the ensemble cast. Leaving the series, Grace was keen to work more prominently in film having starred opposite Tom Welling in The Fog in 2005. She appeared in Suburban Girl, The Jane Austen Book Club (both 2007), and Taken (2008). She has the lead role of Alice in Malice in Wonderland, a modern take on Lewis Carroll's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Grace reprised the role of Shannon in two more episodes of Lost, including the series finale.


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Filmography (23 titles)

(movie, 2018)
···The Hurricane Heist
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Casey)
(movie, 2017)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Christina)
(movie, 2016)
···The Choice
Genre: Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Stephanie Parker)
(movie, 2014)
···Taken 3
Genre: Thriller, Action
Role: Actor (as Kim Mills)
(movie, 2014)
···We'll Never Have Paris
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Role: Actor (as Kelsey)
(movie, 2014)
···About Alex
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Siri)
(movie, 2014)
···Decoding Annie Parker
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Sarah)
(movie, 2013)
···When Calls the Heart
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Role: Actor (as Aunt Elizabeth)
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Irina Denali)
(movie, 2012)
9.0Taken 2
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Kim)
(movie, 2012)
Genre: Action, Thriller, Science Fiction
Role: Actor (as Emilie Warnock)
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Role: Actor (as Irina Denali)
(movie, 2010)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Action, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Lily)
(movie, 2010)
···The Experiment
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Kelly)
(movie, 2010)
···Knight and Day
Genre: Action, Comedy
Role: Actor (as April Havens)
(movie, 2009)
···Malice in Wonderland
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller, Romance
Role: Actor (as Alice)
(movie, 2008)
Genre: Action, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Kim Mills)
(movie, 2007)
···The Jane Austen Book Club
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Allegra)
(movie, 2007)
···Suburban Girl
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Chloe)
(movie, 2005)
···The Fog
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Elizabeth Williams)
(movie, 2003)
···Twelve Mile Road
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Dulcie Landis)
(movie, 2002)
···Murder in Greenwich
Genre: Drama, Crime, Mystery
Role: Actor (as Martha Moxley)
(movie, 2001)
···Rachel's Room
Role: Actor (as Rachel Reed)