Rodger Bumpass

20 Nov 1951


Rodger Albert Bumpass (born November 20, 1951) is an American character actor and voice actor Noted as his long-running-role as Squidward Tentacles on the hit series SpongeBob SquarePants. He also voiced Professor Membrane on Invader Zim, created by Jhonen Vasquez. Bumpass had many other credits in animated films, animated television series, and video games. Bumpass' voice acting credits go back as far as a 1962 episode of The Jetsons. He is the son-in-law of actor Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara and brother-in-law of actor Ben Stiller. He has repeatedly denied that his name is, in fact, a joke.


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Filmography (17 titles)

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family, Science Fiction, TV Movie
Role: Actor (as Professor Membrane (voice))
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Animation
Role: Actor (as Doctor · Squidward · Angry Mob Member #2 · Doughnut · Squidasaurus Rex (voice))
(movie, 2013)
···Monsters University
Genre: Animation, Family
Role: Actor (as Additional Voices (voice))
Genre: Action, Animation, Comedy, Horror
Role: Actor (as Screaming Patron (voice))
Genre: Fantasy, Animation, Comedy, Family
Role: Actor (as (voice))
(movie, 2004)
···A Boyfriend for Christmas
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Family
Role: Actor (as Russell Parker)
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Role: Actor (as Squidward (voice))
(movie, 2002)
···Treasure Planet
Genre: Adventure, Animation, Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Role: Actor (as Additional Voice (voice))
Genre: Family, Animation, Romance, Fantasy
Role: Actor (as Additional Voices (voice))
(movie, 2000)
···The Emperor's New Groove
Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Role: Actor (as Townspeople (voice))
(movie, 1999)
···The Iron Giant
Genre: Adventure, Animation, Family, Science Fiction, Comedy
Role: Actor (as Additional Voices)
(series, 1997)
···101 Dalmatians: The Series
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Role: Actor (as Additional Voices)
(movie, 1996)
···The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Genre: Drama, Animation, Family
Role: Actor (as Additional Voices (voice))
Genre: Action, Animation, Adventure
Role: Actor (as Chief)
(series, 1986)
···The Real Ghost Busters
Genre: Action, Animation, Comedy, Family
Role: Actor (as Louis Tully (1989-1991))
(movie, 1981)
···Heavy Metal
Genre: Animation, Science Fiction
Role: Actor (as Hanover Fiste)
Genre: Comedy
Role: Actor