James Duval

10 Sep 1972



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Filmography (30 titles)

(movie, 2017)
···Spreading Darkness
Genre: Mystery, Drama, Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Fantasy
Role: Actor (as Mark Minscourri)
(movie, 2014)
···American Muscle
Genre: Action
Role: Actor (as Tommy Two-Tone)
(movie, 2014)
···Catch of the Day
Genre: Comedy, Horror
Role: Actor (as Detective Alex Hoyt)
(movie, 2014)
···Hercules Reborn
Genre: Action, Adventure
Role: Actor (as Horace)
(movie, 2014)
···Dead Sea
Genre: Action, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Said)
(movie, 2014)
···Tom Holland's Twisted Tales
Genre: Horror
Role: Actor (as Toughey (segment "Shockwave"))
(movie, 2013)
···American Idiots
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Role: Actor (as Arrowroot)
(movie, 2013)
···9 Full Moons
Genre: Romance
Role: Actor (as Terry)
(movie, 2013)
···Sushi Girl
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Francis)
(movie, 2011)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
By: Jay Lee
Role: Actor (as Vince)
(movie, 2010)
Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Science Fiction
Role: Actor (as The Messiah)
(movie, 2010)
Genre: Thriller
Role: Actor (as Clark)
(movie, 2009)
Genre: Comedy, Horror
Role: Actor (as Jimmy)
(movie, 2009)
Genre: Horror
Role: Actor (as Jimmy)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Rick)
(movie, 2008)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Brad)
(movie, 2008)
···The Art of Travel
Genre: Adventure
Role: Actor (as Taylor 'One Ball')
(movie, 2007)
···The Pacific and Eddy
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Noel)
(movie, 2006)
···Mad Cowgirl
Genre: Drama, Horror, Romance
Role: Actor (as Thierry)
(movie, 2004)
···Open House
Genre: Musical
Role: Actor (as Joel Rodman)
(movie, 2002)
Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller, Romance
Role: Actor (as Blank)
(movie, 2001)
···Donnie Darko
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Mystery
Role: Actor (as Frank)
(movie, 2000)
···Gone in Sixty Seconds
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Freb)
(movie, 1998)
···SLC Punk
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music
Role: Actor (as John the Mod)
(movie, 1997)
Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Comedy
Role: Actor (as Dark Smith)
(movie, 1997)
···River Made to Drown In
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Jaime)
(movie, 1996)
7.3Independence Day
Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
Role: Actor (as Miguel Casse)
(movie, 1995)
···The Doom Generation
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama
Role: Actor (as Jordan White)
(movie, 1993)
···Totally F***ed Up
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Andy)